The Dark Mark!

If the above isn’t your thing don’t forget to check out the Lead Stories that appear regularly on the front page of BME News, todays is from my old friend Alexander Trowell who’s currently swanning around the Oslo SusCon and will be updating us all weekend. So check back folks!

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27 thoughts on “The Dark Mark!

  1. a tattooed clit….wow!!!
    I’ll bet that was the most intense tattoo session/sexual experiance that woman ever had…pain AND orgasms,and trying to stay still to not ruin the field.
    but on a the plus side,no dude can ever say..”meh,I cant find it”

  2. Holy SHIT! Wow. That’s something I didn’t expect when I clicked through.
    I think I peed myself a little when I saw that. Oooh god I can only imagine the pain.
    Major kudos!

  3. holyish. that must have been an incredible sensation for tattooing. is it already oslo suscon? for some reason i thought it was next weekend…

  4. That is possibly the smallest vagina I’ve ever seen. No wonder she needed to mark her clit.

  5. I’d have thought an ‘X’ would mark the spot, but all joking aside. Ummm. Wow. I know pleasure overrides pain but I… I just can’t imagine this, frankly. Major props… though I wonder how long it was till the little man in the boat got some playtime…!

  6. maybe it’s because my clit is rather large, that i didn’t get what i was looking at until i read the comments:/


    pain aside, wouldn’t there be an extremely high risk of partially or totally losing sensitivity ?

  8. candy,I dont think you get enough penetration to damage the nerve bundles with only a tattoo needle,PEIRCING..can surely fuck up your clit if done incorrectly,and remove the sensory attributes.

  9. Well I’ve heard that even just putting too much pressure on it repeatedly can dampen sensation so I would surely think that it’d be possible for a tattoo to do some damage too.

  10. Trust me, clits don’t lose sensitivity from too much play, my ex proved that over the years we were together. It can temporarly need more simulation though if it becomes used to a sensation and so switching things up always helped.

  11. I figured that’s what it was.

    This would solve the problem of particularly bumbling men being unable to find it, I suppose.

  12. Actually second time I’ve seen a clit tattoo. My coworker at Body Artt did one. Unfortunately no pics. She didn’t like the idea of her va jay jay in a photo album.

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