32 thoughts on “Waiting For The Plumber.

  1. it’s making me want to have some hxc action… oh wait, i already had that urge, this just added up. in simple words: that’s hot

  2. What’s up with chicks getting naked and pretending to be dead? Youth culture and a fixation on necrophilia?

  3. JonP: For real, I don’t get it, they’re all playing dead but they don’t want to play full out.

    Everytime I meet up with one and I try to bend their legs backwards so the soles of their feet touch the tops of their heads, they always scream.

    Dead girls don’t scream…Dead girls don’t say no…..

    Stop lying and pretending to be something you’re not!

  4. #20.. lol yeah i saw that part but didn’t see much mod thats y i asked if it was real… oh well… my bad…

  5. JonP:

    She’s trying out a theme that she likes. One person’s fantasy does not define a subculture.


    I shudder to ask what you would say about kittygirls. Would you expect them to clean themselves by licking themselves, lap up milk with their tongue (go ahead, try it… it’s not easy) and claw you to the bone instead of using a safeword?

    Perhaps she just likes the look and doesn’t want to engage in pseudonecrophilia.

  6. Does anyone remember when people who visited IAM/BME/ModBlog, actually had a sense of humour…And in fact a good number of us had pretty “twisted/dark” sense of humour? instead of being all “I R SERUS CAT”?

    So you’re saying she likes the look of brutal murderous/suicidal imagery and that’s her “fantasy” to be lying in a bathtub covered in blood with a vacant look upon her face.

    What JonP is pointing out is a subcultural definition whether you believe it or not, as these pictures have been pushed out a lot, and not just recently. Are we truly fixated on the brutal deaths of “attractive” women? Where does that come from? It’s gotta come from somewhere…Is it the media? the decencitizing way humans have become after many years of gruesome visuals of death and war and glamorization of it as well.

    Perhaps we as humans attempt to make light of death/murder/suicide by looking at it from an artistic perspective, so that the idea of death being: “final/the end” not seem so void and empty.

    Personally I don’t find it that artistic or exciting…Infact I find it boring and dull and all it makes me think is: “Wow that’s a huge mess that’s gonna take some time to clean up”

  7. Good lord, I thought that was my mate’s girl friend, until I clicked through to the IAM page.. Really made me think of her in a different light(!)

    Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic picture – I hope she had fun doing it! :D

  8. Warren, what’s the JOKE?

    jonp: dude, if you’re going to make claims about your disgust with this community, why still here?

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