26 thoughts on “Diamonds & Guns (Or Guns & Roses)

  1. I like this as much as the next sailor, but since when is a heavy-handed smudgy looking oldschool tattoo called “super intricate”?

  2. This guys sleeves are amazing, his neck tattoo is beautiful and his chin ink looks great, so what went wrong? Did he get ‘ink-itch’ and just run to the studio screaming ‘just put something on me!’ ?

    Oldskool Anchors, Flintlocks, Stars and … no, is that a Diamond/Gem of some sort? Well this months cliche award goes to you! Well done and how bally-ironic of you.

    Call me a negative-nancy if you wish but I would have thought someone with such amazing ink on the rest of their body would have gone for something a little less unoriginal. Maybe its just me but Pseudo-oldskool ink is getting a bit tired, it seems to be taking the place of tribal and the tramp stamp as head of ‘i dont know what to get but i want to get something’ ink.

  3. wow, why is there so much bitching on here at the moment?!
    Its like every entry someone has to have a dig….
    Maybe its the same person with a different username.. since theyre not linking themselves to a page..?

    I like the tattoo anyway…

  4. I really love all this, especially his chin, neck, sleeves, chest… and those anchors with the text from the John Masefield poem. And he has stretched lobes and nice teeth. And he’s young and slim. This guy is a walking work of art. Would love to see more pics. Does he carry any ink on his back?

  5. i really love this, normally i’m not “all for” the collage style of random and unrelated things, but i can’t take my eyes off this photo. i LOVE the chestpiece to death. good going!

  6. Fuck the dissenters, This guy’s tatts are wonderful, from chin to groin. So what if they’re “old school”; what is wrong with getting inked with classic style tattoos? Now I’m going to be honest – he’s young, handsome, nicely inked, and I’m jealous, jealous, jealous (and old).

  7. i love these. why do people have to bitch and moan quite so much?! people have reasons behind getting classic style tattoos, my anchor and swallows are copies of the ones my grandad had while he was in the navy and i’m only one example. there’s so much negativity around everywhere at the moment (that’s understandable with the economy and politics the way they are). surely modblog is a place to be positive and celebrate eachother?

  8. 22 – Damn, I thought I had the copyright on this name (lol joking :b)

    I love The Golden Lotus. I’m surprised more of their work hasn’t been submitted here, especially Jason’s.

  9. whats with the hate? the classic style (well americana classic) just please some of us more in an artistic sense. to each his or her own. thats what we are all about, right?

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