Happy New Ear!

I’m not sure if Liam meant squat in the sense that this lobe splitting* was performed in a dilapidated house or it’s the name of a studio I couldn’t find using Google (my money’s on the former) either way it was done by Richy in Birmingham, England.

Clickthrough for a dry cleaning nightmare.

* – Technically it’s a lesser-known form of the C-section, known in Birmingham as the V-section.

22 thoughts on “Happy New Ear!

  1. I can see it now; He walks in, hangs them the shirt, and they start frantically pushing one of those under-the-counter buttons frantically trying to alert the police, hahaha.

  2. Looks a bit like someone ripped out an ear-ring, so it might be construed as a scar from a fight. I like it; it’s really cool, really masculine. I’m thinking I should get myself to Birmingham to be cut by this Richy dude.

  3. #9 & 10. Haha. Love your wicked sense of humour Hanargh. I could walk around some areas of Bristol and get myself cut, but I thought if I came to Brum and found this Richy guy I could at least meet a friendly blade and get cut by consent! And I’ve had some really good times in Birmingham – love the Brummies very much, especially their positive attitude to life and their accent. Down here they all talk like Wurzel Gummidge and are as sexy as porridge.

  4. My friend’s ear looks like this because someone ripped out her earring, ha.
    i absolutely love the click through.

  5. My ear looks like that, just because of stretching too fast when i was young and dumb, I dont like it (my ear), maybe he’s starting a new trend, in that case… cool!

  6. I like it, in that “ooh, something aesthetically unique” rare sensation. At first I thought it was bound to be mistaken for poorly done stretching, but I guess it will heal with clean, “natural” edges like a tongue split.

  7. Also, I just noticed that the person handling the ear, whether he cut it or not, is not wearing gloves. If that’s not the owner of the ear, then yikes!

  8. The “procedure” was done in a Squat!

    I can only assume they where after this as much more of a ritual or rite of passage as the final aesthetic outcome is not in the norm for earlobe modifications. Sure, the “practitioner” is not wearing any gloves. Gloves are not a magic barrier to make everything suddenly sterile or appropriate. This really should be the least of their worries as the cut is done with a utility blade on a piece of wood ply board, in a squat!

  9. Eh, not my thing, if only because it looks accidental. I prefer mods that look very deliberate. As has been mentioned, stretching mistakes and earrings being ripped out also look like this; the click-through shows he’s very happy though, so good for him.

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