30 thoughts on “Superfly

  1. She is adorable, and i kinda agree with J, id like to see her mods… especially that tattoo thats peaking out by her thigh.

  2. cute girl, but lets try to get some better shots of that wig. more wig shots pplease, this isn’t the non-wig.com

  3. oppositronic I hate to burst your bubble but believe it or not that is my real, highly chemically processed of course, hair. Thanks everyone for your compliments 🙂 and thanks Roo for the super warm welcome.

  4. Wait, am I on suicide girls or BMEzine?
    MWHAHA. Sorry, had to put that out there though.

  5. Again!

    You can’t even see her tattoo!

    Who’s picking these photographs? Yeah she’s attractive, but if that’s the only criteria, then change the name of the site.

  6. i know i realize that it’s not a wig… iaws just joking cuz those other people said they wanted more shots of your tattoo and stuff. i’m not even sure if there really is a site called non-wig.com

  7. damned cute!

    i think these photos are great but close ups of the tats and shit would be nice if they were provided with these shots. if they weren’t provided, then i’m definitely happy to just see these.

    and since people feel the need to demand more of this and less of that, I figured i’d just throw this out there but i’d like to see more pictures of women ankles and nape of the neck

  8. ronnie rotten – There weren’t any close ups of her tattoo in this batch of submissions. Take a look through the BMEGirls and BMEBoys archives of posts and you’ll see that just because their tattoos aren’t entirely visible doesn’t mean they don’t exist 🙂

    Also there are other posts to look at, daily.

  9. If you want pictures of just tattoos there ARE tattoo galleries.

    I personally like pictures of modded people being themselves… especially when that means being totally [email protected]#$ing adorable like Amy.

  10. People…can’t live with them…can’t have them killed for a dollar for their stupidity and ignorance.

    Live Once Tattoo Crew, awesome as always!

    Amy, only seen your photos’, never met you in person…But if you keep company with Andy, you’re perfection in my books…Much like Andy 😉

  11. this is just a theory not an attack.

    i think the vast majority of people who complain about the beautiful people that are posted here are either uninformed Shannon fanboys (i think shannon kicks ass too, because he posted lots of pictures just like these) or they are the self loathing type who think themselves as ugly or something.

  12. i love Sean Ryan! i worked with him before and he’s a stupendous photographer. and i’ve seen this girly around other communities, she’s a cutie!

  13. Hey it’s the other Molly! haha small world 😉 Sean Ryan is awesome, he’s taken some great shots with you too!

  14. I love your hair. I have been trying to get that color for months but it always ends up more on the pink side. If you don’t mind, what color do you use??

  15. pillarbox red by manic panic over very bleached hair. it doesn’t last long though, unfortunately red is a LOT of maintenance even with higher quality dyes like Fudge.

  16. Really? That was the first color I tried and I got a light pink even after I died it twice. I guess dye works different on different hair. Thanks though!

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