Lassi’s Guiche Suspension Video

I went to great lengths to get this video from my computer to modblog. Hours of uploading from the wilderness of Germany. You’ve seen the photos, now enjoy the video!

Lassi and Jussi – BMXnet Conference 2008 – Vluyn, Germany –

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34 thoughts on “Lassi’s Guiche Suspension Video

  1. Listen to that crowd at the end, ha! Let’s see you get lifted by the seat of your pants, crowd, then you can groan!

  2. Sometimes, I think, that Lassi iz crazy and insane in all the best meaning of this words!))) Keep going, CMA!))

  3. That gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Having someone by the ass” =). I know it’s a guiche suspension, but still. Close enough. lol.

  4. and I thought the word on the street was that modblog was getting too risqué…

  5. hahaha and they tried to talk me into doin this at suscon. hell im glad i didnt get drunk enough any night to consider tryin it. i knew it would just not work.

  6. Oh I feel a twinge of pain just looking at it! But it’s still hot, you know?

  7. I don’t think there was a single person involved who thought this would work, hence the wonder that is performance art! 🙂

  8. amazingly hilarious!!!!!! i can identify at least 3 people in the crowd by their laughter and or screams. im going next year, dammit.

  9. yeah….this stuff just keeps gettin dumber and dumber….but hey, now this guy is the coolest kid on the bloc till someone does a suspension from their tongue….

  10. Max dear. First of all I am not a kid. Second, I have done over ten years worth of professional performing to get where I am not just one dumb stunt. Third, this was ENTERTAINMENT a rather comical attempt that was doomed from the beginning to be a non-working but still amusing attempt. Maybe this was the time to test peoples sence of humour, don´t take everything too seriously, I dont. I know I shouldn´t explain stuff like this but rather let people make their own conclusions but sometimes I just cant.

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