56 thoughts on “Post Apadravya Piss

  1. I believe Killaya was referring to the fact that Aaron will find urinating while sitting to be much more feasible from here on out. I could be wrong but that’s how I took it.

  2. Hmm.. Have you stopped pixelizing/mask genitals ??
    I’m not a prude but I was just surprised I didn’t had to click through..

  3. xochi, just stick to foreskin or Raphé piercings ^^, very very little bleeding 😀

  4. Love the expression on his face. I pissed chunks on my first go round on the PA, the second and third had maybe 3 drops of blood. This though is bound to be bloody.

  5. pretty much, kara.
    very, very little.

    hopefully he’s a grower and not a shower.

    but very awesome picture, indeed.

  6. I think it says a lot about ModBlog readers that we just look at this kind of thing and immediately crack up. At least, I did. His face is priceless.

  7. agreed with number nineteen.

    most likely any un-modified person would cringe and be absolutely disgusted and freaked out,
    and modded people are like: oh, cool, hahaha.

    because it’s pretty much the norm for most of us.

  8. owie :[ and yeah, I thought Killaya was making a period joke hahaha oh jeeze the look on his face…

  9. I remember my first orgasm after getting my pa… I couldnt wait to play so the night after I got it done I was at home gently playing with the new piercing… Everything going well and feeling really good… A little bit tender nothing major… then I look down and i’m cumming blood… And yet, never had a better orgasm..

    And #19&20 I think the modblog community as a entirety has gotten very desensitized… I don’t think there is anything that could be posted here anymore that would shock me…

  10. blood in the bowl + pierced bits + happy face = priceless

    To #22 – do you really want to challenge someone to new lengths?

  11. ^^^^ Haha you nailed it exactly!

    Yup, you know you’re not in the mainstream anymore when you think stuff like this is cute. Which I do.

  12. i think every person who menstruates who read that above comment assumed it was a period joke. i know i did :p

    looooove the facial expression.

  13. Tim, I’m going to have to disagree. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to repetitively watch Two Girls One Cup, lol. Of course, that’s just a personal opinion, as I didn’t particularly want to watch it a first time and got suckered into it!

  14. haha the size jokes make me laugh, Aaron is the biggest slut i know, If he met any of you girls on here he could bed you in a second. A very large reason for getting this Apadravya was so that he could have a break from fucking people.

  15. I dunno what’s with the size comments either. With the angle of the camera and the angle of his junk, it’s going to look small at that angle. XD

    Yeah for blood pee! 😀

  16. hehe i love it!!! and his penis is just fine guys..i mean who really wants the Hindenburg ramming them?

  17. and obviously it’s not going to be at it’s biggest, i mean that’s 40 minutes after his dick got stabbed with an 8g needle.

  18. I thought it was a period joke, too.

    And I don’t get the size comments either. I mean, you people do know they grow, don’t you?

  19. I love that there were penis size comments on this photo but not on the penis pull posted a few below this one.

  20. Forgot to add, especially with the look on his face. It’s like “WHOAH hey!!!”

    I love this photo.

  21. to #23 im always ready to challenge people..

    i love to see what people will push themselves to do..

    and steph yeah two girls one cup was a bit over the top..

    im gunna make my sister watch it!!! corrupting the youth.. does it get any better

  22. Opps. This is why you don’t get your modblog fix at work.

    That said…
    I’ve never seen a guy so happy to be peeing blood

  23. I guess the people commenting size on this photo have never seen a soft penis, or maybe a penis outside of the porn industry. :]

  24. Haha, I’ve never seen someone so happy after getting a needle shoved through their bits.

    I don’t know why but genital piercings = HOT

  25. Didn’t have such issues with my double apadravya’s, but they weren’t transurethral.

  26. All the size comments are silly. My boyfriend’s junk is 8″ when erect, and I’ve seen it shrink down to as little as two inches or so when cold/drunk/sick. The size of a dude’s flaccid cock doesn’t mean anything.

    Also, this picture made me giggle. He’s so thrilled!

  27. Er- if you just had a needle slid through your junk, you may not be exactly turgid immediately following?

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