21 thoughts on “Screwed by Jewellery

  1. OOO where’d he get the giant screw!!! that would look awesome at the local “Fear Farm” heh i can see it now, un-dead clowns with screws and blood everywhere.

  2. Heironymous: As in bosch?

    But to answer your question, lots of like costume places and halloween supply stores sell latex skin with random things coming out of it that you just attach to your face, that’s most likely what it is. I don’t think they’d be able to get an actual screw that large to stay on their face.

  3. i’m a little confused on how it’s staying up like it seems to be.

    but it is a gorgeous picture and a gorgeous person.

  4. That gorgeous one would be my boyfreind, as far as i know its just latex glue stuff.

  5. Maybe he’s laying down, or something? Hah, I don’t know.
    It’s a gorgeous picture 😀 Hooray!

  6. i find it interesting that this comment box will not allow me to put my true iam name in the website/name box. IAM: shell<3

  7. Shell – That’s because WordPress is treating the *<* as part of a HTML tag, which it generally is 🙂

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