Want Romance? Get on your knees.

Aided by Mikey, Jon, Jason and Dave.. Tasha raises herself into a blissful six point knee suspension. There’s nothing quite like having your mates around you whilst suspending, trust me. It’s the best!

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21 thoughts on “Want Romance? Get on your knees.

  1. Jon also helped for that one. Tasha was up for awhile, I’m sure she would have stayed up all evening if the schedual permitted. :)

  2. A) Jason has a MASSIVE beard now.
    B) Steve (micro-wave) is totally in the opening frame of this video… wearing exactly the same attire as when I saw him like, 2 months ago …LoL! That damn 5 point shirt, hahaha :)

  3. You know…this is the first time that I looked at a knee suspension and thought “I could do that!” they usually just look so uncomfortable, but this was so pretty. Nice one.

  4. That looks like Steve (iam microwave) in the background! Possible mislabel? Great video too!

  5. riiiiggghht… yeah he’s not aiding, therefore he’s not named, man I am really baked :P

  6. That was definitely my most enjoyable one to date.

    And yes Mikey…I would have loved to have been up all evening =)

  7. I don’t want to sound like I was neglecting the suspension itself, or the people involved… but that song… nearly brought a tear to my little eye.

  8. That was one of the most striking, beautiful clips I’ve seen in a while. Now I’m seriously considering getting suspended, even more so than before!

  9. That girl is hot, but I think this shit is whack.

    And Stick To Your Guns sucks @ guy’s hoodie.

  10. okay i dont know if anything has been said but this is my cousin and if ANYONEE says any shit about her, I will hunt your asses down, seriously if anyone say shit about anyone i care about they will pay, sorry for putting this crap on here but honestly…..


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