Once a Critter, Always a Critter!

I really like this portrait of Critter and his son Talon!

When I asked him his real name I was happily surprised (and swooned a little, I must admit) to receive this reply..

I’ve pretty much been known as ‘Critter’ ever since I was a wee lad. Mostly down to my love for reptiles (I’ve always had one with me at one time or another). So I figured might as well go and make it official!

Two trips to the courthouse and $37.10 later, tada!! Instant way to upset one’s mother.

So, what’s your surname Critter.. Fritter?

21 thoughts on “Once a Critter, Always a Critter!

  1. I like the name talon a lot haha. and its cool that he changed his name to critter… i plan on gettign my name changed to Dante someday soon, its Kyle right now, but i was intended by my father to be named after my great grandfather.

  2. What a wonderful man/father/modded dude. I hope he gets a significant lottery win real soon – he deserves it and would help his life.

  3. I think it’s rather ironic that he named his son “Talon” and had a love for reptiles! Lovely story!

  4. Critter’s one of the nicest guys I know, even if he does have a funny name.

    IAM members check out his page for adorable videos of his younger son Phoenix.

  5. I have to admit, I was a little upset at first – but, a name is just a name. I love both of those guys more than anything. (And they are handsome, aren’t they?)

  6. Learthquake . . . he does! but a younger, better looking version. Reow! I like his name . . . and his kid’s name to 🙂 Odd . . . yet very nice and interesting.

  7. $37 to change his name? It cost me $500….but that was with a lawyer in texas, in 1998. God….now I feel like I paid too much. 😛

    IAM: bronte_1975

  8. woohoo! It’s me and my boy 🙂

    and look, mom was here too!

    muchas thanks for all the kind words.

    @bronte: Here in NC.. you only have to post a note on the courthouse bulletin board for 10 days, if nobody objects to the posted name change, you retrieve your note.. head up to the 11th floor (everything is on the 11th floor here) and drop the $37.10 (mind you… that was 2000), and yer done!

  9. All this talk about name changing reminds me of that episode of Friends when Phoebe changes her name to Princes Consuela Bannanna Hammock. lol

    i love this picture! and Critter is a pretty cool name!

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