I’m The Brother, Flippin’

IAM: Rise makes your phone work. He’s partial to snowboarding and music (so pump down your volume before visiting his page) and loves being tattooed by Chris Muthafuckin’ Civello of Loyalty Ink, Ledgewood, NJ..

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16 thoughts on “I’m The Brother, Flippin’

  1. OMFG
    oh, oh those eyes, those puppy look
    i´d like to hug him and maybe somethin else (more) :o)))
    also good tats

  2. too bad he had his stretched ears sewn closed and removed his piercings to GET that job. This picture is mad old.

  3. Dirty Sanchez – It was submitted late July 2008, if he felt he needed to have his lobes reversed and remove his piercings in order to land a job in the sector he wanted to work in then all power to him, it can’t have been an easy decision.

    He’s still a “brother” and as unfortunate as it is, not everyone’s in the position that they can pierce and tattoo themselves without taking into account their financial well-being and future prospects.

  4. oh gosh…the look in his eyes :x..just like a puppy in need of love ^^…lovely!
    that’s too bad that he had to close his stretched ears…but oh well…that’s the capitalist world we live in…

  5. The dagger is good; also the piercings, lobes, text tattoo, face, eyes… Please can he come and fix my phone (it’s not broken but it soon could be).

  6. God, this boy is amazing. Those eyes are enough to fall in love with. Not to mention the tattoo is beautiful as well.

  7. Hahha I just got to see your reply roo, and I laughed sooooo hard.

    May I take a minute to say:

    “..or get hot next to the pantry, you think that might what you fancy?”

    Loosely quoted I’m sure haha

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