Count Spatula.

I must admit I don’t really believe that iam:xnothingmakesmesmilex‘s username is telling the whole truth.

But then again, cooks are a funny breed..

Click through for another of his cooking themed tattoos.

Whipped up by Jon Glessner, Ghost Town Tattoos, Ellicott City, Maryland.

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15 thoughts on “Count Spatula.

  1. lol i love the way a tattoo can be interpreted. i like to think this is a funky straight edge tattoo, tis funnier that way =]

  2. I thought that the first tattoo in the click through was a weird little face smiling, I really can’t see what it’s meant to be from this angle!

  3. Hey Roo! Have to take issue with you about “cooks are a funny breed”. Surely anyone working to twenty different deadlines at once in a hot and sometimes dangerous environment is allowed some quirky behaviour from time to time.
    End of rant!
    Very much like the tattoos – nice and bold. Wish I could decide if they’re located on his arms or his legs though!

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