24 thoughts on “Making Atoms Jump Like Trick Dogs

  1. I have a soft spot in my heart for awkward, thing, tall guys with huge bushy beards. <3<3<3

  2. Ha ha! I saw this on the main IAM page not too long ago and it drew me in from there to his page, this is such a great photo, and there are more to be found on his page.
    So glad to see this featured!

  3. I’m surprised no one has complained of the lack of mod… I’m just waiting.

    HOWEVER, I really like this picture and I agree with number 10:)
    … I wish I could jump that high…

    and grow a really cool beard, but I’m a girl haha

  4. fionarse, you the only thing you can see about the tattoos is that they’re, like, black. the post is hardly about them!

  5. Joshua, I’m just happy it’s not another random naked guy or girl with few to little mods. He’s clothed, he’s got tattoos, he’s happy looking, and he’s got a sweet ass beard. Good ’nuff for me :)

  6. I think I know the punchline to that knock knock joke.

    There’s also a 1/2″ septum piercing in this photo. You have to look really closely, though.

    Anyway, this guy is HOT! I’d like to make out with him.

  7. one of my favorite pictures of him, and honestly, he deserves to be here more than most of the posts i see. anyone who wants to talk shit about his lack (supposed) of mods has no idea of who he is and what he is to this community.

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