Scarred Heart

Coincidentally this heart scarification on iam:andshewas is by Wayde Dunn (yes, the man behind this piece).

It just goes to show he can turn his hand from simple and striking to complex and erm, striking!

Photo by Justin Gill.

24 thoughts on “Scarred Heart

  1. This may elevate me to creepy status, but she has lovely breasts. They have a very nice shape and for some reason I absolutely love the shape of her nipples. Nice scarfication too.

  2. wow, beautiful girl, fantastic scar and gorgeous breasts ^^, everything anyone could ever want.

  3. I think it’s great that you don’t actually need to see her breasts to see the scar. +1 for gratuitous boobies!
    Oh yeah, and nice scarification work too.

  4. Great scar. Pretty girl. Funny, but what actually stuck out to me was the cute little mole on her breast and the matching one near her shoulder. The piercings and scarification are all so symmetrical, that the natural off placement of the moles brings everything together even more in it’s own unique way.

  5. This is what modblog should be about. Beautiful unusual mods, with beautiful photography. This is what I want to see more of.

  6. Yep… Lil Miss Strange… first I saw this foto I was sure that this is you, but the nick name and everything… God…

    But the photo and all is great :)

  7. Saw an explosion of hits from this website in my server stats, now I see why!!

    andshewas is probably my all-time favorite model I’ve shot, now YOU see why!

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