26 thoughts on “Mystery Man in the Mirror.

  1. i love the way this room is designed. it reminds me of a house boat.

    and the boy, mods and member are equally stunning.

  2. this is realllllly hot, and he is really attractive.
    but why isn’t this blurred out for a click through?
    I have this set as my homepage and when anybody opens it up they get a face full of wang.
    but yeah, keep pictures like this comin’ please. 🙂

  3. Wow, and he wears glasses too. My kinda man. Yum. Books, great guy and aren’t those big ass speakers up there too? Awesome.

  4. I’d like to know where he got that kickass sleeve done… and what god he prays to, because I might have to convert.

  5. gingervitis!

    I really like this picture… it’s random, and a BEAUTIFUL way to start off my morning.

  6. Sean Dornan – who wouldn’t want “a face full of wang” early morning ;] Sorry, I couldn’t help it.
    It’s an interesting photograph to say the least – too bad he’s a mystery man!
    I’m definitely digging the sleeve. I used to have coloring books similar to the design!

  7. why censor a vagina and not a dick

    i hate dicks
    i prefer vaginas

    cool room though x3

  8. OH.

    This is my dream man. Seriously. The glasses make me weak in the knees. The books, tattoos, & pierceings are all icing & cherries on that triple dutch chocolate, raspberry layered, black forest cake.

    If this man is single and straight, he should come and find me. Seriously.

  9. 17 beat me to it. Hah, i just recognized the chest/ arms from clicking links on the entry above/posted after this.

  10. I’m with everyone who wants this censored! If you are going to censor female genitals, censor the male ones too! I don’t particularly want to see penis first thing when I check modblog.

  11. as its been said before, as much as we all like vaginas and dicks, lets have a click-through for crotch shots….

  12. I don’t care if some of the guys on here are all uncomfortable about seeing dick.

    I’m a girl and I want to see dick.

    There’s more than enough nude women on here anyway, there should be equal exposure of both genders.

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