Tribal Germanic

I’m not quite sure why Chris called this photo “Yes, it grows“, but his work is by Hannes of Blut & Eisen, Berlin (another coincidence).

^32nd Session – Click through to see how his back’s progressing!

18 thoughts on “Tribal Germanic

  1. Roo, could it be a reference to his entry from March last year (fastest dick in town)?

    Whatever, the work is coming on very well indeed. Good to see progress shots like these.

  2. I think he might be German, since he got his Tattoo in Berlin done, and than he might just have choosen the wrong word to imply that his work is proceeding, that it is progressing- it ‘grows’ :-) …

  3. “yes it grows” i think might be referring to the fact that the tattoo has literally “grown” all over his body over the course of his many many sessions! haha, either way though it looks great

  4. The crookedness on his back is because of the way he’s standing. He’s kind of sloped to the left.

    Body suits in all one theme are hot.

  5. “it grows” is a word by word translation of a german saying that just means that something is slowly getting bigger and is in the process of being finished or accomplished… we say “es wächst” in german

  6. #9 That’s patterning on his legs is Maori. The Germans, and lots of other Europeans, have an intense interest in Maori culture since the very early days of colonisation when they started taking moko mokai (maori shrunken heads) back to their countries as curios. We’re hoping to one day have our tupuna back and buried within our urupa. Anyways, if you’re a fan of his legs, check out some real ta moko! :)

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