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  1. Usually I think people look better with all their mods left. But Louie look so much better without those stretched lip piercings! Me likes!

  2. Id like to thank Kaitlin for the 2 weeks of relief we had when she left us alone to spread her filth over at BAF instead…

  3. I guess this is the polar opposite of the abundance of pretty naked girls posts people complained about a while back?


  4. Pmoz – thank you!

    kuntlin – whatever lol

    ronzo – yes they are very comfy!!!

    cere – wow cere, does anyone really care what you think…um yeah…no!

    vyky – i have three in that pic, and no I dont have commitment issues. You and Cere should date and both of you can listen to eachother say stupid things all day!

  5. wow, what’s with the shit talking on here?
    I guess I missed something. :/

    I like this pic, I think it’s funny.

  6. Haters – shut the fuck up.
    And cere, I happen to think she’s gorgeous.

    I love kaitlin, she’s the only person I’m even remotely close to in my family. And I can’t wait to meet louie. 🙂

  7. no one loves at her baf either. we wish she would go away.

    cere- you can be my new best friend.

  8. i agree i think louie looks better without the stretched lips, but everything else really suits him. i don’t typically like horns but they work for him.

    also, it’s pretty lame people will come onto a picture of louie JUST to hate on kaitlin. hint: the relentless shit-talking is SO MUCH MORE annoying than anything she does.

  9. Wow.. What the heck is wrong with everyone….

    Has anyone ever heard the saying “if you cant say something nice, then dont say anything at all”?

    The people that dont go by that, are what we like to refer to as “drama queens” and we all know drama queens fail at life.

  10. Whats with all the drama?
    How did a photo of Louie scratching his ass turn into all this?

  11. i wonder if anybody with ery large implants will ever take them out, just to see how baddy the skin is, and it could be a very strange look.
    new form of body mods!
    see how much you can get usually tight skin to sag..
    or have strange shapes..
    i dunno

  12. i’d just like to pop in and say this.

    it really amazes me how much ignorance and hatred there is within our own community. you’d think we’d all be intelligent to realize that we’re all different people, and have respect for that.
    i’m not expecting everyone to like everyone, but going out of your way to trash someone just proves how much you have no life and how infinitely childish you are.

    kaitlin is a beautiful lady (with to-die-for collarbone scars, might i add) so i don’t know what you all are on about.
    jealousy, perhaps? i bet so, drama always rises within females, it’s inevitable.

    grow up.

    oh and in relation to the actual entry, great picture. 🙂
    for some reason, modded people in candid / casual pictures is great.

  13. Shit talking makes everyone so much cooler, huh? Don’t expect to write something disrespectful and not receive any retaliation…

    But besides that, candid pictures rule lol

  14. ‘drama always rises within females, it’s inevitable.’

    So drama is inexcusable but sexisim is a-ok?

  15. Bro, great picture, love those candid ones, they can sometimes be a little embarrassing, but they show the REAL YOU!

    Its too bad this all turned into a slag fest though, seems to be happening too much now adays makes you not even want to post.


  16. B.- I have to say it suprises me that you of all people would post a comment about people being ignorant and full of hatrid. I’ve seen quite a few mean comments coming from you on how “fat” or “ugly” you think someone is. I mean seriously…reread your comment and than go reread previous comments of yours. I can’t count how many times I’ve shook my head at the ignorant comments you made. I even seem to remember a comment of yours that was deleted because it was that bad. So if you must preach to all of us to be nice than please follow this yourself as well. Sorry I just had to rant because I see you contradicting yourself a lot.

  17. i have not posted much and just mainly lurk due to this sort of beahviour.. but i have to say from an outsiders perspective some of the comments really stink and don’t do much for promoting a positive view of the community to the general population.

    some people really need to step back and understand that their public “hate” interactions are having a bigger impact than they can even begin to understand because they can’t see outside of their bubble.. the world takes note and you are just destroying what should be a beautiful community.

    keep the hate private and not public as it makes an ass of everyone..

    Louie you look like the world is at peace with itself fella.. just the way it should be!

  18. I am slow. sometime I like do the dodgy tattoo. I love all the humans , when I grow up I also like to be human. become human. LOVE ME I AM GOD.

  19. comparing old posts he looks like he has lost alot of weight

    nevertheless, very attractive boy.

  20. Well that’s crazy I come to modblog and see the Mexican mutant on it’s pages.

    I was in a KMart (Yeah how many of those are left) and was flipping through some teeny bopper magazine (Yikes or some other stupid shit I think – it had a lot of Miley Cyrus, and other disney kids on it) because it was right next to me while my friend was returning something and they wrote about Louie in the magazine.

    Of course it was negative. Nice that teen magazines promote being tolerant of others.

  21. 1. Whys is this shit on modblog? He has horns. Who cares about him scratching the hpv off of his balls?
    2. xBriannax – Are you kuntlins drug addict sister?
    3. Need more non mutant tits.

  22. I think that the main problem with this argumentative page is that, everyone comes on here, and sees others problems, and then point them out, and come off as a self-righteous bastard, that thinks he/she is above others.
    Everyone talks shit at one time or another, so instead of just talking shit right back, or pulling the “holier than though” bit, just call em on it, instead of putting them down in the process..

    As for Louie,
    rock on man, love the mods
    marry your girl.
    and keep that blanket.. looks almost as comfy as the boxers!

  23. I like that Cere has an ego and thinks his sense of humour and witty, scathing remarks are worthwhile enough to be posted around the internet. I’m sure he loves himself so much that nothing anyone says effects him in the least. The dude cracks me up 🙂

  24. Who the hell is this b idiot and when did he/she emerge from whichever rock he/she’s been living under?

    They need to go back there.

  25. Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I checked, bme was a community for modified individuals, not high school…
    The ones who have been rude, you need to grow up.

  26. Oh and someone just messaged me this. I figured id post it here due to its relevance….

    “i think it would be important to state WHY people are attacking her….that she floats from one “modlebrity” to another, essentially using them to get her own 15 minutes (we have fucking proof in forums!) while bragging about being a spoiled little girl who is pretty much just rebelling from mommy!

    calling her ugly (while true) is kind of pointless, because the people that DON’T know her just think youre being typically hateful..

    i personally don’t have anything against her fiancee, i’ve hung out with him and he was really nice and accommodating. it’s one of the reasons i can’t fucking stand her, is that she’s fucking with someone i consider a good person, who we KNOW she’ll leave when someone more famous is single (or close to it) for 5 seconds.

    i’m just thinking you had a real opportunity to call her out for what she truly is.”

  27. I dont even know what to say anymore. So what I am going to say is that I would like to thank everyone that left a positive comment / compliment. I really do appreciate it and if you really want to get a hold of me go to mexicanmutant.com! Thanks again!

  28. people need to chill the fuck out.

    Everyone needs to stop hating on every imperfection.

    I understand opinions on what you think.

    but just to bitch people out?


    More love
    Less Hate

  29. Hahaha I remember when Kaitlin was spreading her bullshit in the straight edge forum.

    “i didnt really brake edge, i just chose to stop claiming it after 10 years”
    “i have a beer about once every 3 months”

    Yay for people watching tv in their underwear?

  30. Wow, If Kaitlin’s ugly then I want to know what I am! lol! A complete troll?? She’s absolutely gorgeous.. especially when smiling. And blonde.. yum! Anyway, I too think Louie looks better without the big lip piercings.. but if he’s happy then who cares, really. (Not that Pmoz was making a rude comment or anything.. Just saying. Hehe!) ^_^ Also, I’m extremely jealous of his ears.. how wonderful!

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