Bait With Your Heart

Hey, how about that? Long-time friend of BME and full-time Mexican Mutant, Phineas Gage Louie, just stretched himself up a two-gauge septril piercing! “Biggest ever?” he asks. What do you all think — anyone ever seen a bigger septril than this? Not that it’s a contest or anything … but, y’know, if it were, Louie, like, totally wins.

A bonus shot of El Mutante with a clearer look at his hu-yuuuuge horns and other various facial accoutrements, after the jump.

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The Amazing Hawaiian Mutant

Note: I’m a dope that’s slept about five hours in the last five days — this isn’t Louie, it’s Kala from Hawaii!

Louie (the Mexican Mutant) Kala had Shawn O’Hare (Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing, Fillmore, California) add a couple of forehead dermal anchors to his already very impressive collection of body modifications (including the world’s largest implanted horns).