Mask Mates

On the left is Jared who works at Living Canvas Tattoo, in Columbia, MO as a body piercer (septum by his colleague, Brian Jenne. Labret by William, Cheap TRX).

On the right is our very own Pierced Puff, Julie, rocking a sleeve by Jessie Nucifora, Revolver Tattoo, New Brunswick.

Photo of Julie by Alvaro Alcaide – Click throughs on both!

Wow, that’s a lot of links!

10 thoughts on “Mask Mates

  1. Yeah, they are pretty bad. Believe it or not, that is all a result of stretching with silicon eyelets (from 5/8″ to 3/4″). I was still a teenager so I thought I was invincible still!

  2. 8 – but…what?

    9 – Can’t speak for the whole world on that one. I know I personally find most of the designs appealing to the eye. I like wearing one just because it’s a constricted feeling – I like the weight and heaviness. Covers you up and hides you in one way and completely exposes you as vulnerable in another. Especially if you’re into having your breathing constricted some designs are ideal for that as well. Or if you’re a fan of the leathery-rubber-type smells. Or because they are bad-ass. I’m sure other people incorporate them into other fetish activity as well but that’s just why I own one. The end.

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