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  1. i understand the reference to making man to look like god etc etc and all that. but i honestly dont understand this tat..

  2. good thing “bear with me” is correct or tons of people would leave posts saying how stupid it is for people to not spell-check their tattoos….. :)

  3. What’s with all these jesus’s looking like kanye west?

    Its not like there aren’t pictures and art to reference.

    But to the wearers defense…. At least it doesn’t say ‘only god can judge me’

  4. I dont think its the quality of the art work thats being the point here
    i think its the enterpretation, thats why they posted it
    am i correct or incorrect roach?

  5. hm, well…disregarding the fact that this tattoo is quite….unattractive…there is another problem.
    humans, according to the bible, were made in the image of god waaaaay back in the day, adam and eve days.
    sooo…is the owner of this tattoo some horrible creature that was spawned from an unfortunate union of unspeakable phantasms and desperately desires to be made in the image of god and be one of us so he can go to “heaven?”
    i am really quite confused.

  6. @Zimantha
    I think that was the best response that could have been made to this tattoo..
    biblically sound too, props

  7. Zimantha: I think its not about being spawned from an unfortunate union or unspeakable phantasms…But more so spawned from Bears…Hence the: “Bear with me”…Cuz ya know he’s got the bear in him…

    “it’s like the movie titanic…but full of bears!”

  8. Madeleine: I think what Scenester Gates was getting at was that this picture is based on the common image of what Jesus Christ has been drawn/painted/sculpted as, regardless of if its an accurate physical likeness to JC or not (ie: ancient jewish vs caucasian physical appearances debates). So in that sense because that’s what this image is based on, there are billions of pictures/paintings,etc that the artist could have used as a reference….heck maybe they DID use one as a reference *shrugs*

    And realistically I have to agree with their statement about many Jesus tattoo lookin like Kanye West and all broken/re-constructed jaw like. As that is quite often a lack of ability in adapting a picture on paper to skin, along with shading,etc when it comes to the cheeks and the beard,etc.

  9. ImmureME, that’s exactly what I read and thought “what the hell does that mean?! It makes no sense, this tattoo is rubbish!” Now that I know what it does say… I still think it’s rubbish.

  10. It could be taken as a sarcastic approach.
    The bible will tell you we are made in our God’s image but other than a physical level, that is virtually unachieavable, at least according to Christian lore.

  11. Artwork isn’t too flash. I think understand what the wearer is trying to say, but it’s biblically inaccurate. Fail.

  12. personally i’ve always been bothered by the caucasian versions of jesus
    granted i understand that that is how he’s been portrayed in every recognizable image of him
    this is a bit different, not sure what they were going for though, but the quality is questionable

  13. for the most part i don’t like the tattoo because i fear one day maybe this person will shun their religion and not want this tattoo anymore. religious tattoos, band tattoos and partner tattoos should never exist in my opinion.

  14. Eh… As a Christian myself, I’m sad when I see so many lame Christian tattoos.

    Good idea behind it, though. Poor execution.

  15. for those who are complaining about the caucasian jesus . id like to mention that theoreticaly jesus was only a jew 33 years out of eternity…granted this is meant to be a picture of him in the 33rd year but its still a neat thought.

  16. I think its him talking to Jesus and not the other way around, like “Jesus, bear with me until I’m made in your image” that makes the most sense to me rather than Jesus saying that. But eh who knows right.

  17. Regardless of whether you want your Jesus to be thought of as a dark-skinned Jew, a light-skinned Jew, a whitey-white guy , or Kanye West…this work was done by a non-artist. Period.
    It could have been a beautiful portrait.
    The eyes, the brow, the nose (oh my, the NOSE) make me sad.
    …and when I read it, the first thing I thought was “who’s Jim?”

  18. technically Jesus was a Sephardic Jew…Jews:”God’s Chosen People”…this may be closer to how he really appeared,and some dont like to see Jesus as a Blonde Blue Eyed Germanic/Wasp,that is the usual depiction

  19. I’m sure Sephardic Jews had the same correct human anatomy that resulted in decent shading and depth as well as workable eyes and nose.
    It’s the execution that is sad (the workmanship, that is).

  20. (sorry double post) And you know what? Maybe an ugly Jesus tattoo is better than one where he’s a good-looking guy. All this silly arguing over “what did he/should he look like” is one good reason to forbid images.

    I read the sentence as a prayer from the wearer to Jesus to be [re]made in his image, not as a statement BY Jesus. Btw, whoever this belongs to might consider submitting it to the Religious Tattoos site. http://www.religioustattoos.net/

  21. oh, wow…
    yeah, until youre made in the big G’s image?
    wasn’t that done when men were created? huh… he’s just a demon trying to go legit. it’s his quest.
    and who know’s what jesus looked like? i’m guessing half and half. half middle-eastern cuz of mary, but half black because God is really just Samuel L. Jackson.

  22. its the wrong usage of bear. bear is a rawr rawr animal. the correct word is bare. it’s a homophone.

  23. Pidge: I suppose not, however one would hope that such a deep thinking religious person who wanted to permanently etch what he felt was a profound and thoughtful statement into his body would at least make sure that statement is spelled correctly. And I’m saying I don’t believe that is the case. Take it or leave it.

  24. Didn’t mean to spark a ethnicity riot. Warren nailed what I was aiming for. Ethnicity wasn’t the point more of the structure of the face.
    And as far as reference points, each religion/person has their own idea of what Jesus looked like, western society is more familiar with the white Jesus which most artwork is based off of.
    Poor translation from paper to skin, that’s all I’m saying.

  25. ImmureMe:
    Bear (n.)

    4: something difficult to do or deal with

    ^ I think that’s pretty damn close.

  26. Actually it’ more like:

    “Bear with me,” the standard expression, is a request for forbearance or patience. “Bare with me” would be an invitation to undress”

  27. Pidge(56) is correct, and has basically just said what I was going to.

    Also, why is this here? It is not absolutely the most horrendous tattoo ever. Its not fucking terrible. Hell, I’d go as far to say that it isn’t terrible. I hope the wearer didn’t pay a lot for it, and I wouldn’t say it’s good, but it’s not the worst thing ever. Plus, its the correct use of the word “bear”. Am I missing something? I don’t understand.

    Anyone want to explain it to me? I don’t know. Maybe I should go back to my hiding from conversations online.

  28. Look how much comments this got!
    Average tattoo with incorrect capitalizations, poorly aligned text and mediocre at best artwork.
    Go to any shop anywhere and they can produce this.

    Though I give it a tiny bit of respect because it’s a humble tattoo representing that the wearer looks up to his/her savior and has so much to measure up to. Kudos on it not being a very cliched Christian piece.

    Too bad the artist wasn’t chosen better.

  29. I just read some of these comments, and tried to think how I’d feel if someone just said that something I’ve spent thought, time and money on was “rubbish”. I’m pretty sure I’d feel extremely shitty and indignant, and even saying that that person is an asshole wouldn’t be enough to avoid that slight knot everyone gets in their stomach when faced with harsh criticism. I don’t think there’s any need for it.

    What is this person going to do with your criticism? Short of corrective tattooing/laser-work, both of which are expensive and painful/time-costly, all they can do is think “wow, this thing that is permanently on my body is sub-par”. It’s encouraging the same feelings that many people get tattoos to reject in the first place, that feeling of a total lack of control over the way you look and the way you present yourself and are viewed by other people.

  30. Pidge is right on the correct use of “bear”. But my favorite use of the expression is:

    Bear with me but don’t worry, he’s asleep.

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