38 thoughts on “Matt & Jenn

  1. I WANT ONE!!!!

    does matt have a twin brother who is gay?

    although mods arent generally genetic are they.. damn….

    so cute..

    maybe for valentines day we vould have a special of all these to make all of us that are single even more depressed lol…

    thanks i like it!

  2. Wonderful pictures and I echo the “I love bald chicks” sentiment. If I was brave enough, I would go bald *sigh*

  3. MOLLAY AND LITTLE JEN haha no way you guys look amazing as if i just check modblog and there you are. the second i got on and saw this i txted matt.. awww. so gorgeous

  4. Ahhh theyre too adorable! cant stop looking heheh…gosh i just want to go back home to my baby now =[.

  5. I <3 them!

    It makes me sad, because I doubt I will ever love my boy like this.

    And he’s not modded either. :[

  6. i WISH i could shave my head and look that good! alas, it is not meant to be, thanks to the weird shape of it (must mean my brain is huge i say!).
    these pics are loooovely. :)

  7. I’ve been thinking of shaving my head again. This may have put me over the decision hump.
    Lovely photos!

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