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  1. I used to enjoy coming to modblog to see something interesting , now it seems that modblog has become pedestrian and boring.
    Bring back the love and feature things on modblog that are worthy.
    Just my two cents and no offense to the chap with the Billy Idol snear

  2. hmm i’m just double stiching my neck in place to hopefully prevent my head being bitten off..

    okay all done..

    I’m only relatively new to modblog and to the “community” (only a couple of years) however I have noticed a couple of things.

    Now keep in mind this is just my opinion

    But the community it seems doesn’t like anything different or that deviates from the norm especially on modblog.

    There is a change in the content. I don’t think anyone is arguing that. The pictures on here have gone from a daily smattering of new exciting never before seen mods. Now we are seeing a slowing of new places to pierce and tattoo and cut etc. I honestly believe that the pinnacle has been reached when people can tattoo their eye balls and implant horns in their forehead, be hoisted up by their knees and the like, I believe that we were simply going through a “renaissance” old become new and learning and experimenting were priorities. Of course we are still experimenting and developing new techniques (magnetic implants for example) but I think the rate of this is slowing down.

    Now it is time for each and every one of us that calls bme home to sit back and watch the fruits of our labour. Regardless of whether you are an artist who is performing these amazing piercings, tattoos, scarifications, suspensions, implants etc or someone who is having the procedures performed upon them or just someone who is a supporter of the community.

    Now we get to see all the new techniques and ideas not just as ideas but as finished products. I think that is the way modblog is moving.. Moving towards understanding what we have done and how we’ve done it and watching the fantastic results.

    Of course there will always be pioneers in the field pushing the limits and experimenting and of course modblog and bme will always be at the forefront but in the mean time sit back and enjoy the ride..

    again in my humble opinion,

  3. Tim, I have to moderately agree with you *nods*

    although I find, in my opinion, its more of people having the: “What have you done for me this exact minute”

    I mean wasn’t it just a week or so ago where we saw an individuals nose opened wide up and re-positioned, done by a mod artist?

    more recently we had the interesting and sad news of a community member falling from a suspension performance and seriously injurying their leg,etc.

    not to mention the latest historical video footage that was posted thanks to Shawn Porter…

    exciting and interesting things are very subjected based on each persons individual perception…So realistically there is never a chance of 100% pleasing everybody…But in the world of the internet you pretty much have to try and please them, or else you’re going to hear about it

    some things will be so exciting and interesting that everybody wants to read up, look at, take part…Other times there will only be a partial interest, doesn’t make either one better than the other….It is what it is *nods*

    As for this entry I find it just like its labeled a BMEBoy picture…Much like how there has been many BMEBoys and BMEGirls pictures in the past….But I’m guessing this is “boring” because he’s not covered in fake blood…or involved in some sort of “eye catching” scene.

    I really don’t know anymore, nor do I really care to try and stress my brain trying to figure it all out…Instead I’ll simply sit back and enjoy each picture/video on my own personal accord, because in the end that’s all that really matters…isn’t it? Our own personal enjoyment of body modification, and nothing else?

  4. heh, #9 – i think you’re overanalyzing the situation.
    it’s just been quite a bit since the last genital-splitting/lopping-off has been posted and everyone’s feeling the effects of it. that’s it.

  5. Im gonna put some sunglasses on and make a funny face, and i damn well better get on the front page of modblog because i definitely have a shit ton more stuff than he has, so im extremely confused on why this is worth anything whatsoever to modblog. Im positive there must be a picture far more interesting than this that can be posted

  6. I agree with the people above, look back at what used to be posted a few years ago, art, sex, alternative lives.
    Now we have more and more ‘meh’ posts and ‘stupid’ tattoos (trying to be clever).

  7. I agree that we’ve sort of plateaued. Oh well, get used to it guys. What new exciting shit can be posted? Everything has basically been done.

    ANYWAYS!!!!!!! In regards to the strapping young man in the photo, all I want to know is if I can have him. PLEASE MODBLOG, PLEASE CAN I HAVE HIM? I’ll keep him safe and modded, promise.

  8. Another boring post and another lame ass-kissing defense by Warren. Plenty of good stuff is being posted to BME (at the main url). There’s no plateau problem. The problem is that Roo doesn’t know how to pick the good stuff.

  9. Peter – The content is selected in the same way it has always been, check the archives and you’ll find that apart from a little less text in the entries (experiences can be read here, and there are plenty of things to read on BMEnews) nothing’s changed.

  10. oh…and about the post being “boring”…i think that modblog doesn’t have to post only extreme mods…he has mods, it’s a good picture…what else does it needs to be in here?

  11. What was once rather radical has become mundane. Congratulations – certain mods are now mainstream. Frankly, I like the blend of the obscure and bizarre and the everyday… and I certainly have no issue looking at cute girls and boys with a range of modifications. I also appreciate good and interesting photography.

  12. Oh, for fuck’s sake, people… just because you refresh modblog every 5 minutes and expect to see amputations and cocksplits every time you open your browser, it doesn’t mean that in the interim between gory posts you have to get all uppity when Roo puts up something as easy on the eyes as this guy. He’s cute, he has metal in his face, and who knows, maybe he has plans for nipple removal and full leg amputation and just hasn’t told anybody yet.

  13. 25.

    He has his eyes stitched up, he has self amputated both his legs and replaced them with drinking straws and is currently experimating with saline injections.

  14. For better or worse, ModBlog content is not selected “the same way as it always was”. It is disingenuous and a bit insulting to the readers to say that. It is still chosen from BME submissions, true, but it is now chosen and presented by a different person/people than it was originally. It seems that much of what people complain
    about amounts to differences in personality, taste, and style in the new writer(s) versus the old writer.

    Change isn’t always bad, but you should not pretend it doesn’t exist.

  15. 23., 25., 26.: when someone says that a photo is seen-a-billion-times boring must it turn into people making belittling comments about heavy body modification?

  16. I think he has modifications , and looks stoked at least enough to submit something , why put someone down because they choose a more minimal look. This isn’t all that I see on Modblog, I think that making it just for the extreme … is mean…. I am stoked hes stoked , and I remember when I only had that many mods , and I was still as stoked as I am now about what I have (I think many of us has been there)… How bout’s that is shared , like a community … Jus a suggestion.

  17. Slight correction to my comment above – Phil pulls the images, passes them to the current staff (as he used to do when Shannon was posting to ModBlog) and then we pick from that pool what gets posted.

    I didn’t mean to imply that Phil or I have always controlled ModBlog in any way shape or form.

  18. Wow, awhile ago I’ll admit I posted a comment on ModBlog’s lack of “exciting” content.
    Now, however, I am going to take the time to say that I think Roo and company are doing a good job.
    They do only have so much to work with, and there has been some very interesting post recently.

    If you don’t like the picture or it’s contents, then just don’t comment. There will be something more suited to your liking sooner rather than later.

  19. Geez what’s the deal with people. What’s wrong with not having tons of mods, or something shocking. Isn’t this site supposed to celebrate body modification in all forms? Shouldn’t we be as respectful of people with less mods than those with more? What the shit yo. Sure maybe this picture isn’t super interesting, but it’s cute, and silly. Anyway, this picture made me giggle, and I’d totally marry that boy for his hat and shades

  20. No offense to the guy pictured, but this is the reason I don’t visit the site often or have much respect for it anymore. No politics, no drama, it just isn’t the same and this kind of content and the vast majority of the commentary does nothing for me. OK, so we have the nose cutting guy. This last post, the suspension content, the fashion piercing/etc. is not body modification. Sure there’s room here for some light hearted fun, but I’m sorry, the majority of content here (to a person interested in actually modifying the body) is bullshit. Seriously; this guy has a lip ring and shitty sunglasses. So go ahead, flame me, that’s fine. I find it too bad that there is no longer a readily available source of information and contact on the web for people who really want to alter/improve themselves.

  21. thomas –

    This last post, the suspension content, the fashion piercing/etc. is not body modification. Sure there’s room here for some light hearted fun, but I’m sorry, the majority of content here (to a person interested in actually modifying the body) is bullshit. Seriously; this guy has a lip ring and shitty sunglasses. So go ahead, flame me, that’s fine. I find it too bad that there is no longer a readily available source of information and contact on the web for people who really want to alter/improve themselves.

    So, this guy has a lip ring, but it’s not body modification. The guy suspending has tattoos and piercings, but it’s not ritual so he shouldn’t be on here. Someone likes a piercing because it’s fashionable and that’s their sole reason, so it’s wrong. Is that what you’re saying? Because I’m confused..

    I’m sorry too because for whatever reason you seem to have forgotten what ModBlog and more so BMEzine has always been about. The extreme and the normal combined, that’s what makes the world so wonderful. Seriously, I hope I don’t get told off for posting this but please people, yes there’s been some changes and it’s been tough on everyone (don’t forget the staff that have been working tirelessly to bring you these posts, and the main site updates, and the features, and BMEvideo, and 411 and a bundle of other things), but I think it’s about time the bickering stopped and the “solidarity” started.

    As I’ve said before if you care about the community then you should be showing that, BMEzine is and always will be the most up-to-date, responsible, most read, diverse and readily available source for information on body modification. That won’t and hasn’t changed.

  22. I dont care what all u negg nancies say..I love the post…and I still love BME just as much as I always have…if ya dont like it..dont read it…=]

  23. #17 Peter: How was I ass kissing?

    Not trying to get into arguments here but I felt what I wrote was very much a fence ride post, as I posed both thoughts that people will either like or dislike the entries/pictures…that is just how the world works…me, personally, I don’t enjoy every single post on modblog…I don’t find every single one of them interesting and eye catching…but I won’t scream to the rafters about how the entries suck and things have changed so much. Especially when there is interesting (at least I find anyways) content coming along every so often, which I enjoy immensely.

    i just don’t get how and why we have to keep going on in this circle of discussion/topic, when it is simply getting us nowhere. I think we all just need to chill out and relax a bit more, and not get so hostile towards each other.

  24. Rabble rabble rabble rabble who really cares rabble rabble.

    People may complain that modblog sucks now, but I beg to differ: modblog sucks because modification elitists are constantly complaining about how someone with only a few mods doesn’t deserve to be pictured. Oh teh noes.

    Personally, I’m liking the lip ring, it looks good on him.

  25. Ok, I just wrote a long post about this post, but fuck it.

    How can anyone say this guy is cute? He has on a hat and glasses, you can’t see his face.

    Modblog has failed at providing interesting content. If I wanted to see some of the most recent mods posted here, I’d go hang out at Hot Topic. Fuck, I am almost certain the models on their website have more/the same mods.

    This place is no longer interesting. Modblog is the Make Out Club of the modified community. I think I will stick to the rarely updated Features section. Can anybody recommend me a good modification blog? Something more about modifications, and less about pretty boys and girls.

  26. What some people have said about how that fine looking man up there isn’t really modded….. well that’s just disgusting. I don’t have many mods, a few piercings, one tattoo, but I still consider myself part of this community. Not just ModBlog, but the entire modded world. It honestly would hurt me if someone told me I wasn’t considered modded because I didn’t have “enough” work done.

    I like the photo, and I like all the photos on this site.

  27. I am sick of hearing the “well if you don’t like it – leave” excuse towards concerns facing the direction Modblog/BME. Patrons shouldn’t have to “shut up or leave” because they’re worried about something they care about. I’m not elitist – I just want Modblog to be the best representation of body modification on the web, whether that be piercing, ritual or tattoos, captured in a way that’s presentable, inspiring and beautiful. We, the concerned, just aren’t getting the quality that was set by a precedent – it hurts.

  28. … So I have a question for all those who feel that ModBlog isn’t posting anything interesting now a days.

    Why don’t you do something interesting, take a picture of it, and send it in? I mean, if you’re going to complain, have a way to fix the situation, instead of just standing around bitching about it.

    Ok, so this guy has three piercings. I thought that having a shit ton of piercings didn’t make you any better than someone who’s just got stretched lobes and a labret? I’m assuming that at some point even the heavy modders just had one or two piercings. Maybe he’s just getting started.

    Sometimes ModBlog isn’t JUST about the mods. Photoediting, scenery, theme, etc. all make a picture “worthy” of ModBlog, instead of just throwing it in the galleries.

  29. For those of us out there who like to look at non work related sites at work while we are really supposed to be working modblog is a mostly safe bet…
    of course not all of modblog is safe for work but most of it is and if every page you viewed in this blog had fully bifurcated genitals, full procedural images of sub-dermal implants in peoples faces and weights being hung from various pierced appendages you would likely not be able to view this page at work when you are supposed to be working.

    I sometimes wonder how many of you who come here looking for split cocks, ball torture and amputations actually have a membership to BME Extreme/HARD? thousands of pages of extreme content and you are still not satisfied? so you come here to complain?

    Yes i do spend time pulling images that are interesting to put in a pool to be posted by the editorial staff but that is not the main focus of my job here at BME the main focus is making sure those of you who are members in good standing (paid or regular contributers) have new images updated to the main site to look at as regularly as they are contributed.

    If you want to see split cock, stretched balls, amputated limbs and all other manner of heavy body play there is thousands of pages in the gallery sections of BME HARD! and if you still cant find what you like some of our regular contributors to the Bonus Gallery Sections post their email address’s because they love fan mail and will take your personal requests on occasion if you ask politely enough.

  30. The fact that Philip can not tell the difference between an interesting picture of a pierced boy and a boring picture of a pierced boy, and uses the “BME Extreme/HARD” cop out exemplifies how this place has gone downhill. We’re not asking you to post more split cocks. We’re asking you to post pictures that are not PEDESTRIAN. Something special. Something classy. Something beautiful. Something that stands out in some way from what we see every day on the street, in the mall, on TV.

    Undistinguished; ordinary: pedestrian prose. See synonyms at dull.”

    It’s not like BME lets you buy a membership to BME Extreme/HARD anyway.

  31. Pete,

    Phil has been the one pulling images for ModBlog for *years*. When you presumably enjoyed it? That was him, too.

    As has been repeated ad nauseam, the images for ModBlog come pretty much exclusively from BME submissions — if the content on ModBlog is too “pedestrian” for you, then it has to do with the submissions themselves. That said, the BME galleries are archives, not an art project; it’s fantastic that so many people make an effort to submit artistic and visually pleasing and interesting photos, but that’s not a requirement. Phil and Roo and everyone else who contributes to ModBlog really do the best they can to publish images from that tier of submissions, but all we have to work with is what’s submitted.

    Honestly, what do you propose? If you’re not enjoying ModBlog, it has to do *your tastes* and how they intersect with the overall submissions that BME is receiving. It’s not like we’re going to start insisting that everyone send in only professional, creative images that meet Pete’s standards of excellence.

  32. I get that you are not allowed to say the name “Shannon” around here any more, but we do remember that Shannon is who ran this blog until recently, no matter how much you want to claim you invented it and Philip was secretly the puppetmaster behind Shannon.

    There are loads of good things being posted on BME. It’s just for some mysterious reason they don’t end up on ModBlog any more. I don’t agree one bit with your claim that it is BME as a whole that is going downhill, and that ModBlog thus reflects that. It’s poor editorial decisions, and not the community’s fault.

  33. Hey people! Stop fighting! I honestly don’t know why would you hate someone that you only seen on a picture. Get a life.

    And hey, I’m only getting started

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