12 thoughts on “Webbed Zebra.

  1. 2: I know someone that got stabbed in the webbing with a pen then put a stud in it and has had it for going on 4 years now. Healing two at once seems like a lot more hard work though.

  2. I pierced a hand web on a man back in 1998 and he still to this day has it and he’s a semi truck driver.

    However most I have seen do not heal due to the amount of time it takes for them to “really” heal.

    I just wanted to say it IS possible for them to heal.

  3. SnapDragon – Yeah, I’ve got a few friends who have healed them successfully, I think it’s a knee jerk reaction when people see any surface piercing in an “unusual” place.

  4. I had my web done by a friend on a whim, the only mod I’ve ever had. it was partially torn out playing soccer after 6 weeks, nasty green puss came out and it never healed, took it out like a week later. it was painful for its entire duration, but the conversations it started made it worth it

  5. These are my piercings. Actually, they didn’t even hurt… They are doing very well.. I will soon be getting all the webbings on my hands done.. I will keep you posted on how they are doing…


  6. my ex tried his a few times, and had it migrate nearly out both times…but i imagine some get lucky and heal them fine!

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