Cliff the Raven

More from Sid’s 1974 visit to NYC (all)..

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This video offers a rare (not exclusive, but rare) glimpse of iconic tattooist Cliff Raven at work. Of all the videos I had in my “to do” pile, this one was the one I was looking forward to the most. As long as Roo wants to keep posting them (Roo: I do, I do!) I’ll keep converting them!


Shawn Porter –

14 thoughts on “Cliff the Raven

  1. Apologies for the quick flash of Shawn’s logo at the beginning, Premiere only rendered it as a single frame for some reason (I really wanted to get the video posted though) – I’m fixing this now and it’ll be re-encoded in an hour or two.

  2. And as much as Roo wants to keep posting them, I believe that they NEED to be posted for all of us to view and reflect on the past,etc.

    ps: that stomach tattoo on Don, priceless *nods*

  3. Loved watching the shading being done on Don’s piece. The whole thing is great – thanks again Shawn. Can’t wait to see the next installation.

  4. haha. Babs was Roo’s SECOND choice…
    I had to veto his original “Um.. oi guv’na, can I use “It’s Raining Men” on this” request.

    Oh. When I think of Roo talking to me, he sounds like Dick Van Dyke in Poppins.

  5. it’s a real sin that Raven wasn’t acknowledged (by all) prior to his death.

    i know he shunned publicity later on, so it wouldn’t have worked but it would have been nice.

  6. Phil – Haha, I was waiting for you to say that. The song choice was actually Phil’s and it was number one in 1974 (the year this video was shot).

    Sorry about the delay on the re-encode guys, it’s running alongside a couple of BMEvideo encoding tasks and it’s taking longer than expected.

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