Metal Buggers

I think Steve might have meant boogers (I prefer buggers, personally) but either way here he is wearing a new 5/8″ curved barbell in his Hobo piercing..

Confused? Click through then read on..

For those who are interested but don’t know what they are, they go in like a Monroe but instead of going through into my mouth they curve upwards inside my lip and exit in my nose.

Not too sure what to call them! A couple of friends have dubbed them the Hobos (for obvious reasons). I’m glad they seem to be working out well, but I do know they are still very new and who knows what is to come with them. For now I’m very happy with them!“

By Sque3z, Anomaly Studios, Pasadena, CA.

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44 thoughts on “Metal Buggers

  1. I am so confused! This might be a bit of a stupid question, but if they go in like a monroe and then end up in his nose, what’s the bar in the first click through picture?

  2. ah!loved the moustache xD it should be mandatory for men to grow their beard and moustache…
    it’s nice to know his piercings are surviving, they look good.

  3. I don’t get it… as willow says, what are the bars on the second picture? if he wouldn’t have the jewelry in his nose, i’d thinl those are two normal monroes… but this??? i just don’t understand what goes where and where does what come from… :S

  4. what? i can see the two bars going from nostril to inside of lip, but what about the monroes? is that a surface piercing or something? There seems to be 2 bits of metal too few here..

  5. Now I’m confused too, haha.

    I think the piercings in the first click through photo were done before his “Hobo”, and they exit in his nostrils behind where the “Hobo” piercings do, which are pierced through his lip where a monroe would be, and then up through to his nostril.

    Sorry guys, I did think this post through, I promise!


  6. so i think he had the piercings as they were in the first pic then got the dual monroes and connected the two from each side with the curved barbell creating the Hobo piercing… thats how i make sense of the pictures

  7. wow cool. i agree that the clickthrough pic would have been prior to the monroe addition. would be interesting to see them with big loops..would be a sight indeed!

  8. first off, thank you for all the mustache comments. its retarded and i love it.

    roo you are correct, with the oral-nasal and the “hobos”. i got the oral-nasals a couple years back but due to gum errosion i wanted something similar but that wouldnt make me loose my teeth. 🙂 i discussed it with sque3z (the piercer) and we came up with these. he went half way in my lip with the needle and then angled it upwards catching it in a recieving tube. i’ve left the oral-nasal in for the time being and thats what the other posts are from. you can faintly see one of them in the click through pic on the right in one of my nostrils.

    hope i cleared things up a little

  9. So its like a surface piercing where the entry point is the monroe, and it exits in the nose? all i have to say is ow ow ow

  10. I’ve received injections in that similar place during oral surgery (where one accidentally exited my noselining)…it was pretty pinchful in a serious way.
    Having said that, I really like the look of it. It doesn’t look overdone or stupid-for-the-Hell-of-it.

  11. Though I love mustaches, this just is not working for me, especially with the eyeliner. The piercings are interesting though

  12. I’ve had those bumps my whole life. I’m not exactly sure what they are. I’ve asked doctors and had them checked out but gotten many different answers. Fatty deposits, calcium deposits, sists (sp?), etc etc. And thanks for bringing up those painful childhood scars. Hahaha!
    Jk 😉

  13. Ahaha, this confused me for a while, til I read it.

    I have similar white things around my eyes too and I have always wondered what they are.
    How odd!

  14. calcium deposits for real. i have a friend who’s got ‘em. he ate a buncha cheese for awhile, like medicine, and they started to go away. now they’re almost all gone. neat piercing though, it’s cool to see new stuff

  15. Heeeeeey!!! You did it!! Do the ribbon thing!!! And, eh, you should keep going, playing connect the piercings by tygon. (and, yeah, tell me what happens next time you sneeze, right?) (Damn I miss IAM, anyone got any coupons to spare?)

  16. “Dirty Nick” Aguilar (the current owner of Nomad Body piercing in San Francisco) has had these piercings for many years, they were done by John Durante. I don’t know if others had them before him because he was the first I saw with them. And I discussed them in depth with Sque3z two years ago, so he knows that they are actually called “the secret piercings.” Not trying to start a fight or cause drama… but let’s put credit where credit is due.

  17. That is to say if I understand the piercing, because reading the words and looking at the photos makes it difficult to tell exactly what is going on there…. so this could be something altogether different than what I understand it to be…

    I guess the question would be are the ends on the inside of the mouth or the outside? If it’s in the inside then that’s the secret piercing, if it’s on the outside then I suppose it is “the hobo” haha

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