Stars On Her Eyes

Click through for larger shot of Donna and her eyelid tattoos (video).

Because seeing stars is thirsty work!

By Gury, Gury Tattoos, Lisboa, Portugal.

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17 thoughts on “Stars On Her Eyes

  1. I didn’t quite click that she was drinking from a fountain….On first glance it looked like excessive salivation!
    Pretty stars though!

  2. Lj~
    That looks like a dangerous amounts of saliva to be making. xD

    Also, is it me, or does this look like it was incredibly painful?

  3.’s me :’) gosh…

    Circe: it wasn’t that painful, but i looked like a frog with my swollen eyes after doing the tattoo :x

  4. I thought the water was discusting at first, mostly becasue I didnt know what it was. The stars are nice. The photo not so much.

  5. I didn’t think that was water, or saliva at first. =/
    Nicely done tattoos though- especially for an area with skin as loose as the eyelids.

  6. i do enjoy the not even going to tell you what i thought that water was at first glance though.

  7. Parece que não sou o unico a achar que a foto transmite algo que não deve estar À vista de menores

  8. The eyelids are not a very nerve rich area and as tattoos go not that painful – most of the sensation comes from feeling the vibration on the eye itself through the eylids – which can really freak some people out. Also, in order to keep excess ink out of the eye it is common to flush it periodically throughout the procedure with saline which is very annoying and potentially irritating. The area is hard to work, kudos to the artist for what looks like very crisp lines

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