56 thoughts on “We Care a Lottte.

  1. I’m madly in love with this picture!
    Her hair, her tattoo, her jewelery (which is freaking amazing!)

    it’s all just so stunning!

  2. The tattoo’s really pretty…but…umm…can anyone identify what flowers they are? I have no idea…(I know nothing about flora…)

  3. #26 I’m pretty sure the song was pre-Mike Patton. Chuck Mosley was the singer , and he did a fantastic job of sounding like a drunken idiot.

  4. Everyone seems to be all about this girl, and i don’t want to throw in another random compliment. However it would be a crime to say she isn’t beautiful!

  5. Ashleigh Im glad someone else picked up up that. But that song is not Mike Patton it was the first singer that no one cares about. Anyways I like her face. Its a nice face.

  6. The earrings are beautiful, they are one of the trademark designs by Intrepid Jewelry. They are hand carved ebony, you should be able to purchase them in limited sizes (probably 4g through 7/16″) directly from their website which is intrepidjewelry.com (or intrepidjewelry.us, doesn’t matter one just redirects to the other). Most shops will also be willing to order them for you if they don’t already have them in stock. We try to carry them at both Anomaly locations but they are hard to keep in stock as people do love the design.

  7. Help! Where did she get those earrings? I’ve found bodyartfors.com and pierchingdot.com. But there have to be other sites that carry this type of jewelry!

  8. Awesome picture.
    I think she’s in a book called Permanance that I bought a little while ago.
    Though her hair was a lot shorter then.

    She seems like quite a character =]

  9. omg.
    im in love.
    marry me.
    im crayden.
    I have a cute british.
    and i will forever cherish your awesomeness.

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