25 thoughts on “Love is in the air..

  1. Eh. There’s got to be far better portraits, etc. that could have been posted. In my opinion.
    But, whatever.

  2. Yeppers – how about you post a picture of you and your cute girlfriend so we can pass harsh judgement ?;)

  3. once again. I hate to be a bitch here…
    but quit bitching about the rules of modblog.

    Like Roo said!! There’s NOTHING wrong with the occasional loving picture – and they’re modified (maybe not to your standards, Xochi)… learn to smile more!


  4. why does everyone have to bitch about the posts? seriously, get another hobby besides whining about people who aren’t covered in ink, or don’t have the newest and most extreme mod. this is a community of friends, remember? just stop it.

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