22 thoughts on “Stinky Digit.

  1. Stefunee, seeing as ist is cleary a reference to the shocker (look it up) it wouldn’t work on guys :p

  2. perhaps he is planning “you” on another finger, perhaps he is sensory impaired and needs the reminder to wash his hands or maybe he just loves things that smell.

  3. The Shocker – Yes. I know this, but I don’t see anything about The Pink. I only see The Stink. Also, it isn’t on the pinky. I was mearly saying it could be a different reference for men and not women.

  4. Not everyone uses the pinky finger as the stinky finger. Sometimes the index is the one going to the dark side… That tattoo is on the dividing finger, splitting the 2 and 1. Maybe the other side says “PINK” or will in the near future.

  5. OMG I knew what it meant but here’s the Urban Dictionary Definition’s

    Stink Finger :
    The smell associated with inserting your fingers in a woman’s vagina.

    Stink finger:
    When sticking ones finger in someones anus/vagina and then sniffing it.

    And my favorite definition of it from Urban is…

    Stink finger
    The wonderful lingering aroma of you women’ pussy juice. Readily activated by placing the coated digit in your mouth.


    Still a great tattoo!!!

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