20 thoughts on “Everyone loves

  1. Gotta have the right tool to get the job done.
    I’m curious to know what this person’s profession is.

  2. Yay!! I heart this tattoo. I have a pair of verniers on my desk right in front of me now. Maybe he’s a machinist… Thats what I am

  3. spy sappin’ muh sentry.

    i agree with number 1, maybe a projection of a certain hobby?

    pretty nice ink. :)

  4. sucker, my vernier caliper is a Digimatic Mitutoyo. Good quality choice though. Its one precision tattoo.

  5. Gosh! It was my idea to get tools tattooed after i’m done with school! I want a sleeve with a caliper, electric tester, plyers, ect… :S
    I expected nobody would had it… anyway It’ll be a custom work so even if it the same idea it won’t be the same tattoo.

  6. If I had it my way, and dial calipers were just as precise as digital, I’d be all for them. I spent 400 bucks on the thing and it measures to 0.00005″. Dial can only really get up to 0.0005″

  7. Adam’s a great guy and one Hell of a tattooer. I’ve got some nice size pcs. from him back when he worked for me at Sacred.

    This is one of NYC next up and coming tattoo artists..

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