It’s true.. We rock!

Dahlia (top right) and Wes.

With the photo above in mind I wanted to share a comment that was left on ModBlog a month or two back – I wasn’t really sure whether I should (or could) post it, but I think it says a lot about the wonderful people that are involved in or are positively affected by body modification and those who appreciate the support from others in (and on the sidelines of) the community..

I stumbled into this website by accident and have spent the last three hours reading posts and viewing photos. If I was forced to put a label on myself I old say that I am a cowboy; and not the weekend wingnut type with a new hat and $700.00 Ostrich boots. The reason I mention this is that while I am certainly not naive, I have never see anything like this website before and I was both fascinated and impressed with some of the things done by the participants. I had my tongue pierced several years ago as a gift to my wife and my friends shit a pickup! I have been listening to “fag” remarks for so long they don’t eve register anymore. As far as they are concerned, piercing my tongue is comparable to Willie Nelson wearing a tutu at his next concert. Fuck ‘em, I’m keeping it!

Anyway, the reason I bothered to post this in the first place is that I wanted to tell all of you that you kick ass. I am impressed with the fact (unlike most all of the assholes in this world) you are all supportive of one another regardless of body shape, size, color, height and weight. I hope to meet many of you in my next life; until then, keep it up and thanks for restoring some of my faith in the human race.“

It should also remind you that before you comment on a tattoo, piercing or chosen modification to think about the person’s feelings. Constructive criticism/personal tastes are fine but one thing I’ve noticed and is probably unavoidable as ModBlog is wide open, is that there seem to be a few people who just come here to be nasty (with alarming regularity), that’s not what ModBlog is for and it’s time it ended!

So there, see. You can put your vomit bag away now, just remember to empty it first.

64 thoughts on “It’s true.. We rock!

  1. 1,2,3 I AGREE!!

    I swear I just saluted the screen 😛

    and this picture is love 🙂

  2. :’) sadly you’re right roo, too amny people come here to critisize. let’s just relax and enjoy what we all have in common…love for mods.

    and what a great pic you choose to go with the post ^^ lovely…

  3. thats awesome, great post both picture and message, Im glad he recognized the brighter side of the community and not some of the douchebaggery and dikheadedness that Roo mentioned and which normally sticks out at me like a sore thumb

  4. wow. we restored his faith in humanity? thats great because reading that just restored mine. i read it and i just got a big smile and a really strong feeling of peace of mind. thank you.

    and that picture is adorable.

    It was getting wayyyy old how judgmental and mean some people were getting on here.

    And the photo is adorable =]

  6. I’m always amazed at how judgmental anyone outside of this community is. Like, if you post a tongue splitting video on youtube 99% of your comments will be ‘thats sick’ or something of the like. The judgments made here are no where near as severe as ‘the real world.’ I’m glad there is someone out there who isn’t heavily modified that appreciates, well, this community.

    Also, this baby is friggin the cutest thing ever. And I want to see more of the guy and his sleeve.

  7. I totally get where this guy is coming from. I live in NZ, and while we’re not a backward country in most respects when it comes to body mods it’s a different story. I have 4 microdermals which are pretty much constantly visible. A few people tell me they look really nice but about 50% of the people I meet don’t understand at all and screw their faces up at them. I didn’t get them done to show people and I think they look nice, yet the most common question I get is “Why would you want to do that to yourself?” This website has given me a place where I can feel like my mods are ‘relatively minor’ (or at least commonplace) rather than OMG!-worthy, and where I can share in the beauty of other people’s mods without wondering why.

    Also, cutest baby ever!!!

  8. This is so lovely! I love the contrast between the babies new skin with no mods and the guy covered with mods…really great…=)

  9. That’s a gorgeous photo and a great message. I think that a lot of the time in the body modification community people are lacking in anyone who’s supportive to them in real life. Places like this make you realise just how many modified people are out there and suddenly it’s not so lonely any more.

  10. can we not agree that modblog is for everyone to enjoy? those who have a passion for mods and those that don’t. why can’t we abolish this “us” and “them” attitude towards religion, young and old, male and female modified and unmodified etc etc etc.? ultamately it’s your decision to prejudice or not, but why assume anything based on your opinion?

    i hope more people read the message posted in this article and get a clear understanding of modblog and bme as a whole.

    fingers are tasty aren’t they little buddy.

  11. Reading that comment gave me chills. THAT is why I am BME4life… this community ( and the modded community in general ) is such an inspiration to me….

    The picture is adorable too! =)

  12. Roo, thanks for finally saying something. The negativity needs to be put to rest.
    That comment is amazing & very nice to our community.
    Also, I LOVE the picture. Adorable baby & father (guessing) as well.

  13. i 100% agree with that comment! the positive aura surrounding bme was what first drew me to it, and i hope this site never changes.
    also roo, i agree, ive seen too many negative comments lately. people need to be a little more considerate!

    but still, awesome post.

  14. Despite my irrational fear of babies, I find this picture really nice and innocent. : )

    But anyway, saying that most of the people I know disapprove of the few mods that I have does not put me in the same situation as the one who posted the comment reproduced above (even if 4 yrs ago I did stumble on BME by accident too), but he’s right; BME is a wonderful thing.

    Bring back the warmth and positiveness that has been recently fading… and let them stay!

  15. Made my week! The irony, being different, makes us respect our differences… does that make any sense? 😉
    I vote for an honorary membership.

  16. I am so glad you posted that comment.
    I for one accidentally added a few pics to BME that were only meant for my page only, and a few days later woke up to comments about how I made ModBlog… I had no idea there was a modblog at the time.
    The comments were both good and bad.. however the bad really hurt my feelings.
    At the time I was really fit and people made fun of me for it…I know I should of never let it hurt me, but words are harsh sometimes…
    Since then I have made sure not accidentally add my pics.

  17. SnapDragon – That’s the thing though, photos are put up here to be celebrated and documented, not mocked. Even if it’s a “humorous little tattoo”, it’s posted so people can laugh along with the person who got it, not laugh at it or rip it to shreds.

    Sorry to hear you felt bad though, fingers crossed people act like adults from now on.

  18. I agree – I too have noticed an awful lot of people posting negative comments on people’s mods/lack of, which is an unfortunate way to represent a community based on acceptance.

  19. i like that comment.
    i think that everyone on this website should be supportive of what people are doing.
    even if it doesn’t somehow meet your particular taste or style.

  20. first off I wanted to say thanks to you roo for the post of me and my amazing daughter dahlia. Also thank you for the entire post both what you had to say and the responses from our lovely community and family I call bme. For a while there I’ve been nervous to post more pics because honestly, who wants to be negatively criticized by a community who is supposed to be open and eager to anything new. It’s time for everyone to be positive and remember why we got into this. P.S. I am not a cowboy nor did I leave the cowboy comment I am just the father in the pic with his beautiful daughter.

  21. my wonderfull husband and daughter i love them both
    they are a great example for this blog!!!!
    i love my babies!!!!!!!!!!:}

  22. I never knew something that could take away pain and change the way I felt about myself until I descovered body modification. I am not too heavily modded, 3/4 lobes,00g labret,2g septum and a few random tattoos with plenty more on the way. I found something that let me control the way I truly look and how I feel about my body and the pain it experiences and I am totally in love with it. It makes me feel great every time someone with clearly no mods at all compliments a piece of jewelry or tells me my labret actually looks nice on me so to read this piece of text from a man outside of OUR community will keep me smiling for days

  23. yeah… sorta reminds me of that song off of slc punks… i want to be a cowboy… lol… preciate it again roo. and more piks will be sent to ya…

  24. this is by far one of my favorite mod-dad and baby pics! sooo cute!

    and i can totally agree with the cowboy. modblog made me feel more welcome when the people around me didn’t understand why i was getting pierced or tattoos or anything. i’ve told people that i want to do a suspension at some point in my lifetime, and all i’ve gotten are strange faces and whys, where i know here i’d get a “cool!”

    this site has really made me feel welcome, and opened my eyes also. nothing seems strange anymore…we’re all just people–really awesome people 🙂

  25. This is just downright lovely. I love knowing that BME is such an open and accepting community and family, even if there are the occasional negative comments (and thank you, Roo, for pointing out that they’ve been getting excessive lately – you are so right!). And the fact that someone who wasn’t aware of the body modification community before can come here and see the positives of BME instead of their mind immediately throwing up a shield of ignorance in defense, the fact that this has restored someone’s faith in humanity, actually restores MY faith in humanity. I’m in no way heavily modded – 0g lobes, that’s all (and I’m not planning on having much more done – I’m personally fond of minimalism :] ) – but I’ve gotten my fair share of shit even for that.
    I love knowing that there’s at least one person out there whose features don’t contort with the sight of something like this, someone who doesn’t immediately ask “Whyyyy?”
    (Because, as most of us here are aware, no answer to that question will truly satisfy the person asking it.)
    And this restores my hope that he isn’t the only one out there like this.

    Thank you, Roo, BME, and mystery cowboy. :]

    & adorable baby!


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