Twenty Three Oral Piercings, Septum and Bridge.

For the past six years I’ve been experimenting with different types of piercing; and so far, facially, this is what I’ve come up with!” – *

Photography by Synthetic:Photography and Kirby (click through for colours)

* – She’s retired a few since then and misses them greatly.

55 thoughts on “Twenty Three Oral Piercings, Septum and Bridge.

  1. I generally hate it when people have clusters of piercings on their face. This looks alright though, I’d still prefer a little bit less.

  2. I can only count 22 oral (unless she has her tongue pierced as well) :o) plus the septum and bridge.

    I’ll take her word for it that it’s 23 though!

  3. I respect her choices but honestly (and I really hate that this is negative) it reminds me of acne or herpes

  4. OMG those stupid kids, how are they gonna get a job! gaaaaaaad.

    jokes jokes jokes, she looks lovely! mucho respecto for healing them all nicely to!

  5. i dislike the clickthrough…
    honestly, and this is my opinion, it is too cluttered. too much. i almost always get turned off by a person whose look/style looks like it takes about 3 hours each morning. too high-maintenence… too much work. seems vain or something.
    i can tell that the face itself is pretty… moderation. minimalism. that’s all ive got to say.0

  6. Ill take the black and white. The color one was just too much for me, man, and she wasn’t so hot in that one, like, manly even.

  7. i prefer the black and white, but i really like the expression on her face in the color one. its such an intense look! i usually prefer fewer facial piercings, but i like that she’s gone to the time to work out a design that is symmetric, rather than having a bunch of random things done, like so many others

  8. also, this may be a bit weird, and i’m not sure if this is what she’s going for, but the design reminds me of various sequences in vampire movies where the vampire has just feasted and looks up to be caught in the film with blood running down the chin. its actually kinda cool when i look at it like that

  9. LOVE how you’ve used different sized screw-on balls. these have obviously been well planned and well spaced, so massive congrats to you and your piercer(s)!

  10. She’s gorgeous… She really is. But I got a bit of a not-soo-happy twinge when I saw she was only 17, which is silly and I don’t know why and I kind of hate myself for. I guess it was because of the “past six years” quote…

  11. Wow. I usually dislike seeing so many lip piercings, or so many piercings concentrated in one are at all. But I have to say, this looks beautiful on her. The difference in ball sizes makes it look like she has shiny little crystals or bubbles on her face, and adds a certain..elegance, even.

  12. I’m not a big fan of a lot of facial piercings worn at once, and I hope her teeth and gum lines are okay!

    but she does kind of make me want to shave and start penciling on my eyebrows again. And it took me so long to grow them back! grr!

  13. ah loomed dreads… there just like a kick in the teeth to people with real dreads!!

    ah well!

    so many piercings arent to my taste but hey, if it makes you happy then why not!

  14. I really think she’s gone a bit too far. Its a bit like seeing guys modify their cars too much to the point where it just doesn’t look good anymore. Sorry girl.

  15. Ooh that is quite pretty
    In my opinion, too many oral piercings on many people looks wrong.
    but in this case, definitely not.
    she is hot!

  16. She is very pretty, but I prefer a little less facial piercings.

    Would it not be a problem eating with so many piercings around the gum line?

  17. yeah….her page says she’s 17….if so, that’s just sad….probably won’t be too happy about her lip lookin like chop liver when she is a 35 year old soccer mom….

  18. Hey – the pic’s of me btw

    just wanted to clear up a few points….

    i do ALL my own piercings; i’m a highly professional piercer. If i wasn’t any good at what i do, i’d be dead from blood poisoning by now.

    taking care of my piercings is what i love; and i haven’t had one negative effect on my teeth/gum line – check out my myspace, my default is a wide, open mouthed smile :)

    no problems with kissing/eating various liquids cos u get used to them; you learn to accommodate them

    i don’t much appreciate the ’35 year old soccer mom’ remark….
    social work is the route im heading down, but at the moment im studying sociology and psychology, and im also a member of mensa, so i’m just g’na see where that takes me.

    i have taken most of those out; but gotten about 15 of them back – mostly because i don’t feel whole without them; its a spiritual thing, more than asthetic.

    please don’t blame me for the over-makeup; i usually wear only minimal, because i think it gets too much, n makes my face look too busy – blame my make-up artist! i was doing a seven deadly sins shoot at the time, and i hate the colour pic – my face is scrunched up because of the sun haha

    anyway, have a good day all :)

  19. Yeah, you really look like you know what you’re doing on your myspace page…. tattooing someone’s foot on a carpet floor.

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