Careful – He Bites!

Click through for a larger view of this incredible tattoo by Mario Sedillo, Mijos Tattoos, New Mexico.

Anyone else wonder if Skullboy‘s building an underground army, Fight Club style?

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92 thoughts on “Careful – He Bites!

  1. I’m sorry I just can’t find anything nice to say about it. It’s just too juvenile.

    I can not believe that once this guy grows up into a fully mature man he will be anything other than embarassed by this tattoo.

  2. thats amazing!

    i do have to wonder what he does for a living though?

    my facial stars give me enough trouble and i would wonder how he deals with the general publics reaction and work?

  3. I love the idea, I just don’t like the way the tattoo was done. It looks almost too cartoonish…… but maybe I’m just too much of a fan of Skullboy.

  4. it reminds me of those dinosaur blow up dolls, but this one is ready to give blow jobs. nomnomnomnom.

  5. Ya know, I don’t think the guy cares what he’s going to look like when he gets older. Nor should any of us. You could step off the curb tomorrow and get hit by a garbage truck, and then you’ll be chilling out in purgatory thinking “Damn, now I wish I’d opted for that totally badass predator mask I always wanted to have tattooed over my face,” or something of the like. But guess what champ, there are no tattoo artist in purgatory! They all ascend for their incredible contribution to enriching the lives of mankind as a whole.

    Have fun looking homely in limbo, boring face.

    Kudos Mr. Viking.

  6. because his lips aren’t tattooed it looks like it’s a mouth eating a mouth.

    but still, I enjoy it alot. kudos for being fucking awesome.

  7. I think it’s wicked that he got it done, i agree 100 percent with what Maestro said i mean you only live once and why not get that tattoo you’ve always wanted even if it’s something that’s not seen all the time… and also… the asymmetry is driving me crazy every time i look at it… kudos to the wearer of this tattoo.

  8. For Shawn (and any others wondering about symmetry) – when I spoke with him he wasn’t planning on doing the other side, his intent is to remain assymetrical. Side note, I had an art professor who espoused the view (which is not uncommon) that accepting asymmetry in a culture is the beginning of real artistic growth and understanding

  9. I’m actually all for the asymmetry, I feel if it were done on both sides it would look a bit too ridiculous.

  10. I agree with the Lizardman on this one.

    I’m a Libra so I have always struggled with the balance in everything on or around me…
    when I started getting tattooed it was really hard for me to decide not to tattoo my arms to match, and choosing not to was a huge step in being able to look at things a little differently than I had before.

  11. I actually like the way it looks healed better than the fresh ink.
    the hard edges have kinda faded away it blends more smoothly into his skin and doesnt look as abrasive as it does in this picture

  12. I think what kills it for me is that it just stops at the lips. The asymmetry aspect is fine on its own, but the fact that it just abruptly stops around his lips just KILLS IT. This could have been insanely awesome if it had been executed properly.

  13. oh my gosh! ya shawn porter completely agree, he should of gotten both sides done

    this is crazy (crazy awesome) and i commend his commitment! looks very interesting :P

  14. okay i’m seriously sick of the “wow i wonder what he’ll think when he grows up” bullshit about heavy body modification.

    just because you grew out of your post-adolescent idealistic phase doesn’t mean everyone else does. does it even occur to some people that maybe he IS a grown ass man and probably is deeply thrilled and in love with his obviously permanent decisions?


  15. RooRaaah Crumbs — Maybe, maybe not. And it’s not that I”m against heavy mods it’s just that I find the style of this one to be cartoonie and juvenile looking, which is something a person may outgrow.

    I just have to add my son just walked in and saw this picture, this was his unprompted response, “ha, ha, that looks stupid, it doesn’t even look real, what a nerd”

    Sorry but as they say out of the mouths of babes.

  16. You know, it seems like in every one of these comment areas, there always HAS to be that one person who brings up the “Aren’t they gonna regret that?!” thing. Come on guys, have you forgotten that you’re on Modblog? That kind of thinking is the exact thing that Modblog proudly stands against. Isn’t this supposed to be a place where we open-mindedly celebrate peoples’ body mods, permanent or otherwise?

  17. I think the tattoo is awesome, I think the idea is awesome, however, I feel the quality of it desires more…

  18. Not exactly my cup of tea, and as with a lot of other’s the assymetry would drive me nuts, but whatever makes the guy happy and to be honest he’s an MMA fighter, firstly who’s gonna tell him he’s wrong? secondly the singer in my band is an MMA aswell and those guys work FUCKING hard so I’m glad he’s just doing whatever the fuck he wants :)

  19. This seems to be all well in fine when hes being intimidating in the ring. but how could you possibly get tender in bed, and gently caress the cheek of a tattoo like that before a kiss!


  20. It just doesn’t quite look as ‘good’ as the tattoo on skullboy maybe he should do his lips too

  21. Anthony… I puzzled over your post a bit and now I think I’d be kindda disappointed if he didn’t bite :p haha… seriously though, it’s a nice tat, and the selective shaving absolutely makes it for me!

  22. also teeth on top of the lip? why not incorporate the actual mouth in the tatt so it looks more real…

  23. i dont know what to think, do i likelike it or not. but i definitely like it more after reading others comments, just because! this is modblog for christ sake. stupidest thing ever, mock heavy mods just cos ‘they will look stupid when you get old’

    i wanna see a pic with his mouth shut. yea, and healed one too!

  24. Never mind “it will look stupid when he’s older”, it looks fucking stupid now. It looks like face paint. Its an immature idea, and it looks like crap. How can you take a guy like that seriously?

  25. Rich: The same way you take anyone else that gets any tattoo seriously.
    The teeth look a bit strange to me, but if it’s what he wanted then cool, if it’s not then teeth are relatively easy to fix up :)

  26. Mr. Viking, you must have enormous balls, kudos for getting what you want. Love the idea, but I do have to agree with some that it could have been done better. I don’t understand why that heavy outline along the jawline is there. It makes the tattoo seem like a mask. Was this the intention? Also the teeth pop out a lot more than the rest of the tattoo, I think it’s because of the lack of modeling on them. Perhaps a picture of it healed?

  27. If it’s a first step to a life-time commitment of body modification, a’ la lizardman, then it’s great.

    If it’s a one-time tattoo meant to “intimidate” other fighters or just to “look cool” it’s the stupidest thing EVER.

  28. It’s not like he’s a badass professional MMA fighter, he’s just some guy doing it as a hobby.

    did you see his myspace blog about needing a couch to stay on, a gym to train at for free, and a job?

    This facial tattoo really compliments the mitsubishi logo he has tattooed on his chest.

  29. healed or not, this just is not aesthetically pleasing to me in the least.

    The healed area around the lips make it look like a 12 year old boy mexistash. not tyrin to be racist..

  30. Bit late jumping in here, but in response to post #42 – Ivan, not doubting the logic of your sprogs here, but honestly, how on earth is a tattoo like this supposed to “look real”?

    Halloween is coming up. I think I’ll answer the door this year and tell all the children that their costumes don’t look real. Spoil all the fun.

  31. To ronnie rotten – on the subject of looking for places to stay, train, and some work in his blog:

    Do you have any idea at all what most fighters go through, the training is not only intense and difficult but a full time pursuit. Many are forced to dig themselves into a pit of debt with little hope of getting out of it unless they win a belt. Fighters you see on tv regularly are often living just above or below poverty because they commit their lives entirely to a love of the sport. It isn’t surprising that fighters often extend this commitment to modifying their bodies (in this case he went further than most by tattooing his face). Instead of attempting (poorly) to mock his efforts to cover the basic necessities while devoting himself to such a difficult endeavor you should be pitying yourself for not having the same drive and strength of will

  32. Just curious as to what other Mods this guy has? I dont see any other facial tattoos or piercings…so if this is his first, that’s pretty frickin hardcore.

  33. I think it looks fun. Nay to all the nay-sayers who want to know about lines and shading. We’re not all artists, a lot of us get tattoos because they look good to us, not because they’ve been critiqued by someone with an art degree.

    And Chelsea – he has other tattoo pics on his myspace, I’d assume his fighting status makes it wise to not have an piercings.

  34. all I gotta say is….JOB KILLER….he’s probably gonna have to get a real job some day….I know I will….haha….but I’m sure there are a few people here that could employ him….

  35. to lizard man- they can barely afford to live then they get tattoos? sorry no sympathy for you then, if your not willing to put your money into training (i.e. a gym etc) but you can pay for tattoos then you can’t love a sport that much, as a mod i dont like it, but if the bearer of it is happy power to them, considering their situation can turn it into a dumbass mod for their position

  36. he’s no lizardman, that’s for sure…

    judging by the stuff on this guy’s Myspace page, he’s barely literate, appears to be a total dumb-bum IRL based on his video interviews, has no other public tattoos or work, and has no connection with an existing dojo and no MMA job or trainer position or experience to fall back on or rely on for the future, and seems to be PRAYING that this crazy tattoo will open some doors for him or get him on a TV show. Too bad he’s the epitome of boring and uncharismatic.

    Dude’s bitten off waaaaayyyyy more than he can chew and I’m 110% sure he’s going to live to regret this decision bigtime.

  37. i wanna know is this a start for bigger operation, like whole head/bodytattoo? like enigma and lizardman, for example.

  38. Rehan – you do know that people will often do tattoos for people they like at deep discounts or even free in trade for publciity (hoping to bank on his future success) don’t you?. Have you considered that the artist may be a supporter / sponsor? Hell, I have seen artists do very involved pieces for free just because they loved the idea.

  39. hey, Mijos, that’s right down the block from where Mike Judge and I went to High School (albeit not coincidingly)

  40. Lizardman is right….I haven’t paid for a tattoo in a long time, and I’m sure he hasn’t either….haha….but that doesn’t make it any better of an idea….

    (click my name and check out my tattoos to see exactly how sweet free tattoos can look….haha)

  41. Incisors as molars in the dentition formula…that’ll certainly be a talking point at every dental visit from here on out. :)

  42. Hell, I’m not even famous and I get cheap/free tattoos. Hanging around a shop and doing food runs and other errands for busy artists can pay off.

    I’m sure if he ever needs to “get a real job” he can cover the tattoo with make-up like so many other people do.

  43. he will make the tattoo work for him whether people think its stupid or not. Its apart of him but its important to look past that and see him for who he really is. if anytjimg the ink will make him more concious(even if he does regret it ) of judgmental preicks and hopefi\ully keep him humble like my septum does for me.
    when I or anyone with extrem mods reach a certain age…. we will be greatful to just have our minds, bowel control and loving relationships. who is prettty enough to care about there physical appearance like that at that age.
    People may think he should grow up but those same people judging them need to reevauate themselves and what there energy is going towards. the persons son that judged Davis so harshy should have used that as a learning experience
    “I am a reflection of you”. people should rememeber that.

  44. Hmm. Take a picture when it’s finished. It has potential to look amazing (ie: full mouth, and if he’s daring, his whole head) but at the moment I’m not keen.. It just looks half finished is all.. I mean, even if he covered half his face in his dinosauresque tatt and had it BLEND into a human side would look better..

  45. #1 yes it’s really me the guy in the tattoo, I just stumbled across this old forum about me and wanted to send a response #2 Thank you very much for the support and correcting the haters Lizard Man. Very well said!!! It was very nice to have meet you at the convention years ago in ABQ. #3 I purposely only did one side. Reason being. Everyone has a nice side and a evil/mean side. I don’t hide who I am, So the simplicty of the tattoo is I let my evil side show, and what is a more evil symbol to me than some mean ass teeth on one side my face. #4 The tattoo was part of a sponsorship from Mario Seddillo from Mijos New Image Tattoo in Albuquerque NM, I did not pay a penny for it, as all my money was spent into my training, and housing. When there is a lack of fights, there is a lack of money, and times get hard. But you have to constanlty be training and be ready, waiting for that call for a fight. It takes true commitment, and lots of travel and veriaty in training and gyms. I have gone weeks without eating, slept in parks, postoffices, walked 80+ miles home after a fight, Hitchhiked from New Mexico to Chicago for a fight, not to mention all the heartaches, and lost friendships and relationships. All to pursue a dream that fully makes me happy. It takes a strong will and dedication to do what I do, and to get any success out of it. I now run my own gym in Washington State and have for 2 years. Called Under Ground Mixed Martial Arts Academy. If anyone wants to get ahold of me, my face book is

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