Training Day

Cerah‘s first suspension, and she went guerilla!

Suspension aided by Russ Foxx (IAM).

* – We really must agree on how guerilla is spelt on ModBlog.

See more in “Suicide” Suspension (Ritual)

21 thoughts on “Training Day

  1. In the middle picture (#5) is she pulling her self up? Because that would be amazing. I’ve never been as interested in being suspended as much as I am right now, thinking of the fact that I could do the suspending with my own arms.

    Anyone have any idea on the legality of spontaneous public suspension? (in the USA)

  2. Jes Havens – What I’ve heard from many people is that it depends a lot upon the officers that “come across you” and the reaction of the public (if any) towards the suspension and your attitude towards them whilst they’re there.

    It also depends upon if there’s any nudity involved and how you explain things, not being aggressive helps too obviously :)

    I’m not sure if she pulled herself up (you’ll have to wait for her story on that) but she’s definitely holding her rope.

  3. I sense that listening to his music to achieve relaxation and concentration needed. The position of the photo number 5 is simply clean and fine.

    Congratulations :)

  4. This is just fantastic, I love suspension photos. I’d love to try it myself but I’m not sure I’m brave enough. I’d love to read some experiences from people doing suspensions, and find out how to go about doing it in England (where I live).

  5. Wow, good for her. But here’s a question and forgive me if it’s stupid because I’ve never done a suspension. But would those holes mess up her tattoo?

  6. looking at her so calm, and hapopy at her first, makes me definitely wanna try mine now.
    too bad im at greece.
    and no suspennsion team here.

  7. i reckon this could be a go for the next ipod commercial, beautiful girl suspended from hooks with ipod headphones in… “ipod, got its hook in everywhere” or “ipod: are you hooked yet?” ..

    beautiful photos!

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