Textual Addiction

I must admit (as is probably obvious) I’ve been storing these text tattoos up for quite some time, and thought now would be as good a time as any to unleash them upon you!

“I never wanted to be different” BMEzine slogan (1, 2, 3) on Ana by Ricardo at Medtattoos, Ermesinde, Portugal.

Farewell tattoo on Seth by Sean at Slingin’ Ink, Oskaloosa, IA.

Occam’s Razor palm tattoo on DistortedSmiles (self-done) in Queens, New York.

Passion for Basketball by Sam of Sam and Liz Tattoos, Rosemead, CA.

Whore Island and “Amelican” tattoos by Frank-N-Berry, Starborn Tattoos, Las Vegas.

Last but not least the ASCII rose and Roman numeral (7) by Josh, Outworld Tattoo, Saint John, NB.

More tomorrow!

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39 thoughts on “Textual Addiction

  1. I thought the stereotype for Asian accents was in a difficulty saying the letter “L”, and pronouncing it like an “R”, not vice versa.

    Rike Bruce Ree.

    I could be wrong though.

  2. 2: So did I, lethal weapon always confused me with the “fried rice” part. Secondly, what’s the price of air fair to whore island gonna set me back?

  3. I’ve yet to discover what a ‘Round The World’ entails. I feel as if I’m missing some obvious sexual innuendo; I’m usually pretty good with those.

  4. eh, i want to like the campbells soup can, but those are the most unsteady lined i have ever seen. i do like how the curve of the arm (i assume?) gives it that 3d can shape htough

  5. Whore Island and Amelican go home were done by Frank-N-Berry at Starborn Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada. I know because he’s my best friend. Someday, he will actually sign up for this site so he can get credited for his work. But until then, he’s the guy sitting be hind me saying “Hey! That’s my work!”

    You can see more at myspace.com/routeoneblues



  6. it might not be what the tattoo is referring to but in chuck palahniuk’s book choke “around the world” is when the girl is on top, facing the guy and spins around to reverse cowgirl position while its still inside her.

  7. I love the whore island one.

    I’m working on a design for an old school tall ship and I’m pretty tempted to slap “Diversity” on the stern.

  8. Skaraphlema Somnambulist – Excellent, thanks. He doesn’t *have* to be on IAM to be credited, but it does rely on the person who submitted the tattoos crediting him :)

    I’ll edit the entry.

  9. LOVE the never wanted to be different – so slinky!
    can anyone come forward with a translation of the palm tattoo?

  10. scruffy herbert – There’s a link to the Occam’s razor wiki page in the entry (fourth sentence up from the bottom) but I’ll post it here for simplicity’s sake :).

    entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem“, roughly translated as “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity“.

  11. RooRaaah – I agree with axl, I’ve never seen any Warhol’s soup cans with linework like that. I even have a pretty big print above the headboard of my bed! ;-)

    It is actually a possible tattoo for myself in the future, but filled like the man’s artwork.

  12. is it me or does the neck tattoo with the experation date have a hole on his or her, neck or ear

  13. I just spent way too much time trying to figure out what a “brow job” was and then realized it said blow job. Don’t I feel silly?!

  14. killabeez – I don’t believe it’s racist at, really. Especially if it’s done on a Vietnamese dude. Other than that, it’s Sailor Jerry flash. For all intents and purposes it isn’t like he has a bowl of rice with a banner containing “Gookaniese”. If you’ll pardon my ‘french’.

    There is a simple kind of humor to it. Please take with a grain of salt.

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