Infant formula.

I’m just going to leave the reason behind this tattoo (which I love for my own reasons) up to you until either Josh from Wishmaster Tattoos or the owner “sings”..

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37 thoughts on “Infant formula.

  1. It happens in the womb. Shark foetuses will eat each other, and if you can draw it you can tattoo it.
    That’s all I have to say.

  2. The concept is beautiful. The execution seems to be (possibly) the initial lining for something more impressive – really, I think cannibal infants deserve to be rendered in glorious lush colors akin to an oil painting.

  3. lol reminds me of a joke.

    Whats grosser than gross? A pile of a hundred dead babies.

    Whats grosser than gross? The one at the bottom eating its way out.

  4. Hehe, they kinda look like the lil blue men out of Tools Stinkfist video.
    Although, im sure thats not what they are.
    Cool tattoo anwyays.

  5. Q: whats better than ten dead babies in one trash can

    A: one dead baby in ten trash cans!!!!

    sorry had to follow the theme of dead baby jokes…………. great tattoo !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Obviously it’s some sort of metaphor guys… probably has lots of meaning to the wearer. I’m not really going to even TRY and guess. I suck at metaphors sometimes.

  7. Maybe they’re just teething… and besides, babies usually put anything they find in their mouths.

  8. The concept is beautiful.
    I guess it really is in the eye of the beholder, Lizardman. ; )

  9. whats worse than one dead baby… a pile of dead babies
    whats worse than a pile of dead babies… a live baby underneath the pile
    whats worse than a live baby under a pile of dead ones?… the live baby eating its way out

  10. i just can’t help myself…

    what’s worse than that one live baby trying to eat its way out of the pile of dead babies?
    said baby going back for seconds.


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