31 thoughts on “Zip It!

  1. i wish you had posted it as a real picture. some people totally would have believed it.

  2. I disagreed with everyone that thought bme was moving away from “what it used to be”……. but we’re really posting photoshop pics now……(not excited)

  3. …for those people that can’t decide weather or not they want a split tongue.
    it looks quite awesome.
    thats some good photoshoping.
    i agree that some people would believe it.
    it would be pretty interesting if you could get that done.
    just..sew in a zipper after its healed?

  4. @geo: No wai. Posting pictures of body modifications with a bit of photoshop on them to make them a bit more fun?

    That sure is fucked up mang.

  5. This is the best idea!

    Sum1 should get this happening and then u could have the choice of weather u wanted ur tongue split open or not!!!!!!1111!!!

    too cool

  6. Has any1 ever had there tongues stiched back intoone solid paiece after having it split ??? I luv my tongue wouldnt fuck with it or my eye pupils

  7. ahh! at first I thought this was real (this IS BME) but then I was like wait… this won’t work.
    HAHA! AMAZING photoshop skills :P

  8. As a person with a very mobile tongue split on a rather short tongue, I think it’s more likely that I’ll call up my friend to split it a third time sometime late next year to manage the regrowth.

    I like the zipper themed play piercings… they’re a shock out of the ordinary. The ribbon-laced corset style has became so common sometime before 2007 that nowadays it’s usually the only thing the average person thinks of when I mention play piercing.

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  10. love it … made for a good laugh at the end of the day. I have to admit I was staring at it for about a minute wondering WTF before reading the caption ……

  11. it’s fun for us but I just had to explain to like ten people at another site that no, people aren’t really doing this now…damn internets

  12. Some people need to lighten up. Yes, it’s photoshopped but it’s also a fun thing someone did with an actual mod. It’s not like he’s trying to pretend he’s modded.

    I love the pic. Well done.

  13. do people realise the split is real?
    i dont get what everyones problem is!
    i think its a cool pic. and plenty of pics we see on here have some sort of photoshop-y stuff done to them to enhance them or whatever,
    the people making the comments about it being lame and blah blah trying to make out they are mega hardcore body modders and that something like this offends their eyes somehow just look like idiots.

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