Regional Columnist Fascinated With/Disgusted By Body Modification, is a Talented Philosopher

So, both of the people who regularly read my posts here are probably aware of my proclivity to occasionally find a particularly silly article by some poor jamoke (who probably doesn’t give half a shit about body modification but just needs to file 800 words thrice weekly to his local newspaper so he doesn’t lose his health benefits) and then eviscerate them because ha ha they don’t understand body modification, jerks! I’m not apologizing for this, but I would like to clarify my position: I don’t actually care at all if somebody is perplexed or even grossed out by certain types of body modification. The pursuit of body modification is not an absolute, and it’s silly and arrogant to think that just because somebody doesn’t particularly enjoy tattoos or scarification or implants that there is something fundamentally wrong with them.

The issue I take with these sorts articles is not that the authors don’t appreciate body modification, but rather that they so often allow their lack of understanding to take the form of a hatred and mistrust of those for whom body modification is fundamentally important. Because of this, the level of discourse just tends to devolve into “… and 60 years from now, old people who are bitter because they tattooed their faces when they were still in the womb and never got a job will be furious because of their inky, flabby, unemployed skin and their inevitable uprising will give way to the extremist Muslim rapture!” and other such statements that are supposed to explain why body modification isn’t just an unattractive fad (or whatever), but is actually indicative of the hell-bound path on which our society has found itself, and it’s all because Scarlett Johansson got her septum pierced or the tollbooth guy had a tattoo on his neck.

With all that said, I’m admittedly confused by this column by Brian Goodings of The Blue Mountains Courier-Herald, which seems to take the opinion that … well, I can’t quite tell.

“When I was young I used to wear ill-fitting clothes (remember elephant pants?) and listen to strange music but when I got older, I just stopped doing so. The time for that kind of thing in my life had passed.”

“Strange music,” you say? Strange like John Zorn or strange like Crazy Town? I have to say that lines like, “I used to … listen to strange music but when I got older, I just stopped doing so” sound like pure propaganda and make it hard to believe the person who wrote them is under 50 years old. (Which is fine, of course, but the article’s tone seems to suggest the author is going for an, “I’m a Generation-Y’er who has seen the light!” sort of thing.) That said, I do remember elephant pants! We used to call them “phat pants” though, I think. Maybe we went to the same “raver drug warehouse parties”!

Goodings goes on to “wonder about the fate of our younger people because tattoos and many kinds of piercing leave a more permanent reminder of younger days that isn’t just going to go away when the wearer gets older.” It’s not that he dislikes tattoos — he even admits that he’s seen many he enjoys on people his age, whatever that is. (Presumably between 25-60.) But his concern is with some more extreme procedures he’s seen.

“Case in point: when I was in Denmark this summer with my family we visited the amusement park Tivoli. While there, we ran into a whole group of youngish men and women whom I believe would be called ‘Goths’. As a friend of my said, a couple of them looked like they’d fallen face-first into a fishing tackle box and come up worse for wear.”

Great joke. Nailed it.

“I’ve never seen such an array of piercing and black makeup and… well, you get the picture. But – and here’s the strangest thing- one of the young men was sporting a nifty pair of horns on his forehead. I’m not kidding; he had a pair of two-inch nubbins created by implants buried under his skin.

“His face was also heavily tattooed, as was every bare inch of skin that I could see. He and his buddy also had those earlobe discs-thingies and when they took them out to go on the rides, their stretched earlobes hung down the sides of their heads and moved like turkey wattles.”

Let’s revisit my initial point: I completely understand being put off by very heavily modified people when it’s something you are not used to. What Goodings is doing here is actually surprisingly subtly insidious: Later on in the piece, he admits to having done some research about body modification while writing this article. (Although he warns “this isn’t the kind of research I would recommend to anybody. The horn implants are tame compared to some of the stuff that people are doing to their bodies.” Ha ha body modification is gross!) Even a cursory look at BME or a similar site provides a handy enough resource for a writer to at least learn the correct terminology. But Goodings makes reference to “earlobe discs-thingies,” which sounds ridiculous to anyone who knows a plug or tunnel when they see one, but to those who are unfamiliar or just generally don’t care? It makes the people being described sound ridiculous and discredits them just because of their modifications. Goodings doesn’t seem like he’s really against this stuff for the most part (the fact that he trots out the hoary old “disfigurements/mutilations” descriptor notwithstanding), so consciously using this sort of language is a curious decision and makes a bewilderingly off-kilter article all the more unfocused.

And good lord is it ever bewildering — the real problem with this article is that it’s just poorly reasoned. After a piecemeal beginning, the bottom half of the piece jackknifes and flies off the overpass as Goodings starts throwing out half-baked ideas about what hardcore modifications really mean.

“I wonder if this kind of stuff is based on the deepest of narcissisms or perhaps they are trying to say, ‘I’m so alienated from human society that I don’t even want to look like a person…’

“[... M]aybe, just maybe, these are very sensitive people who feel, like many others in our time, utterly powerless to significantly change the world in any other way so instead they ‘alter’ their own bodies.

“[...] Maybe they are tuned into and even reflect the deep angst felt by creation itself as the extinction rates of our neighbours speed up and the unsustainable economies crash and often the whole world looks like it’s heading you-know-where in a handbasket.”

All of which seems to be saying, body modification to Goodings is a means of displaying one’s feelings of weakness and acquiescence to the demands of a cruel world, rather than being a method of expression, beautification or even just a fad. Those who engage in heavy body modification, Goodings seems to be suggesting, are trying to ugly themselves up so that they fit in with their crumbling surroundings. Either that or he’s trying to be zeitgeisty enough to write his way into a bigger paper. It’s a toss-up.

And then there’s the finale:

“Perhaps it’s always been thus with the upcoming generation but I sense there’s something deeper going on nowadays on many levels and I believe it does signify a global paradigm shift in almost everything we do. Desperation is running high – but so is hope.”

I’m not trying to be a dick, but this doesn’t even mean anything. Platitudes and poor attempts to insert buzzwords do not a coherent editorial make; this reads like a letter a high school sophomore would write to Obama while recovering from wisdom tooth surgery. And the shame is that it’s not like there aren’t parallels and associations to be drawn between body modification and certain other cultural and societal movements and trends, but the author misses those completely, and instead resorts to some Dadaist nonsense that seems to say that, as the western world becomes more fucked up, so too do those for whom body modification is an integral part of their lives regress into some sort of dystopic mess of Mad Max-esque cretins. But … maybe there’s more to it than that? So stay hopeful? With your ear-disc-thingies? Now that’s analysis you can take to the bank. After you get it from the dime-store.

On the Horns of a Dilemma [Blue Mountains Courier-Herald]

54 thoughts on “Regional Columnist Fascinated With/Disgusted By Body Modification, is a Talented Philosopher

  1. “this reads like a letter a high school sophomore would write to Obama while recovering from wisdom tooth surgery”


  2. yeah whatever u suck andthe poeple here swallow stop throwing stones in glass houseididnt see u say boo or standup on the first big ? if our so cxalled top people here are willing to judge other worthiness to beemployed somewhere by thier mods then wtf losserr u andthem

  3. “I’m not trying to be a dick, but this doesn’t even mean anything. ”

    THANK YOU! while i was reading I spent too much time wondering what it did mean. And I only had to read on to realize it wasn’t just me!

  4. Instead of just ‘assuming’ all the time, why didn’t he do some better ‘research’ and ASK members of the community…

  5. See, the only thing that makes me go, “Buuuhhh..?” is the author says, “I don’t know, I’m just guessing.”

    If you are “just guessing” then what makes you think you should be publishing articles about it? I could “just guess” about lots of things but you don’t see my “guesses” in any newspapers. lmao

  6. bradly… I’ve read your comment 4 times and still have no idea what you’re attempting to convey there. You might want to give that comment another once over yourself.

  7. ahahaha ah this was bare good.

    and bradly if that was some attempt at an insult, better luck next time.

  8. The article isn’t very well written or well informed, but I think you had to do some digging to find any real malicious intent here.
    The author is likely middle aged or grew up in a place where body modification was rare, and when visible probably not to the levels that you would see on BME/IAM. It’s not surprising then that his vocabulary of body jewelry might not reach much farther than “ear disc thingies”. Most people who don’t pay much attention to body mods probably don’t know to call them plugs or tunnels.
    You’ve clearly taken his “wow piercings are wierd!” viewpoint as an affront, but you’ve gone to the same level and childishly countered with “lol that old guy sure doesn’t know much about body modification”
    I swear some people on BME/IAM/ the bod mod “scene” in general are trying to look for any excuse to call someone ignorant because they don’t understand or like their modifications.

  9. #6 if that was ur attempt that ur hopin will leedto mating then we are thinking the same thing
    ” thats what “By Jordan Ginsberg • Oct 2nd, 2008

  10. #4 cause thememebrs here blow and #7 drop dead i dont have time to waste tothink ofinsult s i just spit the truth from the topof my head

  11. Aaron: That wasn’t quite my point. The fact that he thinks piercings/etc. are weird and strange doesn’t bother me — it’s just a poorly written article that contradicts itself (or at least inelegantly tries to show “both sides” of a “debate” that is neither a debate nor nearly so polarized). More than anything, I was just trying to suss out exactly what he was getting at. I said quite plainly that I couldn’t care less if people don’t like or understand body modification, and I stand by that — my issue here was with the author of the piece trying to ascribe some ambiguous-but-seemingly-negative meaning to something he doesn’t understand.

  12. Being a journalist, I understand the decision to call tunnels and olugs “Earlobe stretching thingies.” While we all know, many readers out there might not, in fact, the majority might not know, which is just a wee bit sad but given the state of the society with its own subculture at every corner, also understandable. However, I would not have called them “Earlobe Stretching Thingies” but out of journalistic neutrality (which does get a bit wobbly when applied to a column), I’d have rephrased the entire sentence.

    Anyhow, while the entire piece might sound extremely jaded, it might not be as evil as you make it out to be. Also, you might think it’s not that hard to understand the basics of Bodymodding, but it is when you do it as a journalist. As such, you basically have to know every subculture, every sub-style of every subculture. And that, paired with deadlines, is extremely hard, since the insiders most likely won’t talk and the internet is a sketchy business.

    Having that said, I’ll just go on enjoying what I see here. I just wanted to give you little impression of “the other side.”

  13. Hoellenthon: Hey, I’m a journalist too — gaining expertise about many different subjects (or at least learning how to fake it well) is part of the job. I understand that deadlines can be stressful (I even address that in the intro), but I have very little sympathy for lazy writing, especially when the resources are readily available.

  14. But, they are his opinions and views. You can’t fault him for expressing them. If so, you are being extremely contradictory.

  15. “That wasn’t quite my point. The fact that he thinks piercings/etc. are weird and strange doesn’t bother me — it’s just a poorly written article that contradicts itself (or at least inelegantly tries to show “both sides” of a “debate” that is neither a debate nor nearly so polarized). More than anything, I was just trying to suss out exactly what he was getting at. I said quite plainly that I couldn’t care less if people don’t like or understand body modification, and I stand by that — my issue here was with the author of the piece trying to ascribe some ambiguous-but-seemingly-negative meaning to something he doesn’t understand.”

    Ah, understood

  16. Seems to me this author didn’t have enough time to complete any in-depth research into body modification and just couldn’t make up his mind. He didn’t/doesn’t know how he feels about it and that’s why his article is all over the place. As others have intimated: deadlines can be a bitch.

  17. You know what they say…. “Ignorance is bliss”… and some people are simply orgasmic.

  18. Lazy, pointless writing. I find it easier to read professional articles, even if they’re hellfire and hate against mods. This just shows a lack of research and no direction.

    “Thingies”. Not a word in journalism unless it is in quotation marks.

  19. He sort of paints the “scene” as “sensitive” and acknowledges that some (not all) do it for attention.

    Besides, he was in a foreign country. He should have expected foreigners to be different. The article may be all over the place so that everyone can read it as supporting their side for the sake of diplomacy.

    As for the dystopian rambling, I consider Dystopia to be a perfectly valid aesthetic. At least he didn’t suggest Prozium (“the great nepenthe”) or “lead identical lives”.

  20. Absolute opinion and I suppose there is no wrong in that. What an ‘easy read’… and by ‘easy read’ I mean that it really isn’t well written and definitely not informative. Though I’m confident there are a lot of kids, or people for that matter, going through a phase, or individuals who DO want to demonstrate their angst through body modification (though I personally don’t understand that), that is NOT everyone.
    Now, after a massage with jojoba, I’m going to put my “disc-thingies” back in. Whatevs!

  21. I’m no journalist, but was there no better description than “earlobe discs-thingies,” perhaps “disc earrings” or “large earlobes with discs.” IMO the word “thingies” in particular has no place in professional journalism. It makes the author sound like a fourth-grader.

    It seems like this guy budgeted his time poorly, went out and had a few beers with his buddies, came home, and realized he had a deadline. When I used to write short pieces for the school newspaper a few semesters ago, I would have been asked to stop submitting work if I had turned something like this guy’s article in.

  22. Oh yeah, replace the period with a question mark at the end of the first sentence. That irritates me when I see other people do it…

  23. Everyone’s right. The article didn’t have any real direction. I can’t tell exactly what he’s criticizing. Or condoning. And actually, I don’t think he was doing either.

    I guess this was his thesis (or point. idk journalism jargon): “So what, you say? It’s their business, not yours! Yeah, I agree. But I’m intrigued why anyone would do that kind of thing to his or her body. They are certainly making a public statement but I’m not sure what they are saying.”

    I suppose the point of this article was to explain WHY we modify ourselves instead of if he thinks it’s acceptable or not. But even so, his explanations were just guesses. There was no sign of research or reason in forming the opinions he did. Because there wasn’t any. He even admitted that they were guesses. Maybe if he’d interviewed one of these “very sensitive people” it would have been more potent.

    Resonanteye said it best: “I find it easier to read professional articles, even if they’re hellfire and hate against mods.”

  24. P.S. While it sounds hella unprofessional (kinda like hella) to say “thingies” in an article, I think it was appropriate in this case. I’m sure he knew the actual names (or could’ve found out very easily) but chose not to so that a bigass chunk of audience wouldn’t be like “wtf, mate?”. An ‘old’ lady I work with told me not to do that “weird, big ear hole thing” after I got yet another piercing. She’s seen stretched lobes but would have no idea what I was talking about if I said something like “that guy with the plugs” or “00 gauge”. She can, however, relate to “earlobe discs-thingies”.

  25. bradly- no one gives a shit.
    hopefully enough so this is the last comment addressed to you.
    if you dont have anything intelligent to post, why the hell do you keep coming back to this thread?

  26. “Thing” would have been a better choice of word. It’s like a journalist saying “whatchamacallit”- the point of journalism is to inform, or, with op-ed, to persuade. This article did neither.

    He should have done his research, that’s all. He writes for a newspaper, not for a second-grade project, and I expect professional writing from a newspaper.

  27. I find it amusing that he feels body modification is so bizarre. It’s only been in the past, what, 400, 500 years or so that societies have stopped embracing ritualistic tattooing or piercing and gauging. Wait, i’m sorry, i retract part of that statement. This society ritualistically pierces their infants’ ears. Never mind.

  28. Hey Jordan, great commentary on this. When I read the article I had NO idea what the point was in writing it. At first I thought he was going to maybe discuss the “changing of the times” and us being “crazy kids with our crazy trends,” but then he went on to tell a personal anecdote about “Hey, this one time, at band camp, I saw this dude, and he had like these things, in his ears, and it was like, soooooo weird.” And finally, he ended it with some half-assed theory about why we mod with a weird ending that, as you stated, made no sense, and was trying way too hard to sound “smart.”
    I don’t think the article had any sort of malicious intent, nor did I think you portrayed it as anything but some joker rambling about something of which he knew nothing.

    Keep it up. I’d like to see more like this.

  29. I just read the article, and I must say that I am deeply disturbed not neccesarily by the authors ignorance, but more by the fact that he did no geniune research or reporting about the topic whatsoever. He even wrote, and I quote: “I don’t know; I’m just guessing.”. I don’t know what sort of inbred hill billy brain dead newspaper the Blue Mountains Courier Herald is, but here in Australia, reporting (which should be fundamentally to neutrally report news and current affairs only after in-depth research of the issue… something often taught yet rarely practised) such as this would not even come close to warrant publishing (I’m trying to a get social commentary column in local newspapers and I’m finding it incredibly hard).

    Writers opinion pieces should not be published in major sections of newspapers. Thats what the letters to the editor is for. And if you’re gonna write something about body modification culture, why not talk to the person or people involved and not just form rash judgements, then admit you’re guessing your way through.

    Poor writer, poor article.

  30. “i don’t know… im just guessing”

    why not ASK then? rather than hiding behind your uneducated views why don’t you ASK!?

  31. Oh for goodness sake. Why you wasted your time critiquing this article, Jordan, I just don’t know. This is an older guy writing his opinions in a not-so-major newspaper. It’s not anywhere near approaching hateful.

    Frankly, it looks like you were just wanting to complain about someone ‘not getting it’. Man, lots of people don’t understand the BME scene. Who cares. Unless they’re being vocal and hateful about it, why bother even drawing light to it.

    In summary: Old dude saw some kids with tattoos and horns. Wonders what the world is coming to. BME wastes internet space reporting it. Reactionary mod-kids flip out. I waste time pointing out other peoples wasted time. Everyone wins.

  32. I think the point that Jordan was trying to make about him calling them “thingies” is that it is condescending.
    It was the journalists way of making them out to be trivial and silly like he probably feels about the wearer of said “thigies”

  33. AND PS

    Who the hell is Bradly?
    I know I will highly regret even mentioning this idiot, but it’s rather annoying having to wade through his responses, which make no sense, seem to have no purpose other than saying that “we” suck, and basically sound like they came from a twelve year old…

    Any way to block his IP address or something?

  34. What many people like this Goodings, and this aparent Bradly dont seem to fully realise is a) how to write. (or spell,as seen with brads) and b) that modifiers,in my personal experiance and knowledge of the large number I have met over the years, tend to be intelligent and well founded people, many hold complex and detailed social and political views that are often unmatched in the world.

    But what narks me is the fact that people like the above see them, at a lack of a beter term for it: mindless zombies. Like we are all involved in some major brain washing cult that renders members distressingly brain dead and only able to preform basic functions.

    Dam people can be stupid at times. And yes,it is people like the above that destroy a little bit more of my faith in humanity each and every time.

  35. What u just dont real;ize is that my time is invaulble u a food stamp or a diamond could buy just like the wastewd time i spend reading ur post because if u dont understand or like what i have to say then ur a losser andu think ur right and eye no that i am……u re melgibson and tina turner and i ammaster blaster in real life ur nothingmore than actors while i am living my real LIFE WITH REAL POWWER…..)if u think ur better thenme or my friends(if i had any…) then tell me ur highest expactions and i still call u a losser….but if any there is ever a chick who falls into beep beep that ass is to fat then i dont care just come over and we canget bz rightaway

  36. You know, despite the poor writing and lack of any real meaning, I don’t actually see this article as negative, in fact I see it as almost a ray of hope, because this man, after being so shocked by this strange horned person, took a wee bit of effort to THINK about something he didn’t understand, and at least attempted to do a little reasearch and express his (be they conflicting!) thoughts and feelings on the subject. And for blind guesses, he wasn’t far off, because I have heard people into modification express specifically that their modifications WERE for reasons he mentions. And he didn’t say these reasons were bad!! At least next time he is, for example, hiring an office junior, he may, just may, look more seriously at someone with “ear disky thingies” rather than just dismiss them as a nutter or retard??!! Can’t you see that although this guy hasn’t quite gotten there yet, we do NEED the older generation and non-modified community in general to think a little harder about us, rather than just close their minds completely and shut us out? Cos like it or not, they are going to be our bosses/colleagues/clients/associates/fellow humans for a long time to come yet…

  37. im not ur fellow humann being im a Troll named Osiris and ur nothing more than a matt to wipe my feet on….

  38. It’s not THIS bad. Of course he’s totally wrong on most things, but to me it just looks like an old dude being like “FUCK I’M LATE FOR MY ARTICLE’ and “OMFG BODY MODIFICATION WTF” at the same time.
    We’ve seen far more worrying and damaging articles in the past.

  39. Playing devil’s advocate here, a little…

    Poor writing and all of that aside. When I modify my body in some way a part of myself, a big part of myself, does it to set myself apart from those around me. Not only through body art though, through my clothing, and how I direct the way I create myself. I don’t want to be a part of the herd and I want the herd to know that. Might seem antagonistic, but the feeling is not born out of resentment for others; it’s born from a desire to own myself. It doesn’t make me anyone’s enemy, just not like them. Yes I am dissillusioned with people in general, but I refuse to feel that way about myself as well.

    On a side note, the full quote by Thomas Gray is:

    “Where ignorance is bliss, ‘Tis folly to be wise.”

    I think that the poet was trying to get at something else. Cheers!

  40. Let’s try to get over ourselves – It’s an article written to entertain readers. It’s not a fucking thesis. Why does this seem so shocking to anybody? I’ve had my ears stretched for the past 10 years and my parents (who think the world of me) STILL call my plugs ‘earlobe disks’ – they don’t not care, but to them it is now and always has been and always will be- wierd. People on BME are the ONLY people who take people on BME seriously. Nobody gives two shits about your motivations or wether or not you’re articulate or work a good paying job – the reality is that to a certain segment of the population, your appearance invalidates everything else about you. You made your bed – don’t complain when you have to sleep in it.

    This article is the written equivalent of Andy Rooney doing one of his stupid ‘why are there wars? why don’t the Leaders of the two Countries just put on boxing gloves and fight it out?’ – oversimplify anything and people will eat it up, agree with you and beg for more. This guy’s audience is, no doubt, my parents – who would have read this, chuckled and shook their heads about those ‘crazy kids’ and moved on. He’s not presenting his anthropoliogical study on 21st century motivations for body modification. Even if he did any research he probably would have presented his article in the exact same way – it’s not hard hitting journalism – and I’m certain it’s not intended to be; It’s a little fluff piece appealing to the lowest common denomenator because that’s what sells papers. Really no need to get your panties in a bunch.

    This guy isn’t making people with tattoos and piercings look stupid – they’re doing that by themselves with this kind of reactionary dramatics. I promise you – if the guy who wrote the article read these comments he’d laugh long and hard about it – as he should.

    Speaking of reading this and laughing – if it isn’t obvious to everybody that Bradly is either YTTRX or someone taking the piss in a similar fashion – I mean, come on…….

  41. He didn’t sound negative. This is something he does not understand, but he’s not hating it. He’s just confused, and not used to body mods. Many older people are not.

    One of the things I have learned as a member of a different, but equally visible, minority, is this – those looking for enemies generally find them. If you find someone who is merely confused, or unsure, or not used to people like you, and treat him as an enemy, he will become one. Then you will have been proven right.

  42. out of all that….wtf is a paradigm?…or is that the word that pronounced para-dime? who the hell created a spelling like that?

    anyways….he seems to be asking a queston but the complete long way around, and he;s asking “why do these freaks do it?” well the answer is simple… “we do it cuz we can!” thank you goodnight brian!

  43. #48 ur just dumb the only people im f–ckin with are charcaol blacks b–tches with full lips thick hips and a coochie that can do round off flip flops otherwise im just expressing my moderated thoughts because if i told all u what i really think about you it would be moderated and delteted im just at a much lower level than u all because im lapping u ……

  44. whoa.
    was that english.
    wait, not trying to start on the already dead and beaten horse…

    but, what else is new??? I mean, there are still places in the world (unfortunately I know of some) that are not used to seeing the mod folk, and they’re freaked out! it’s passe and redundant at this junction to point out the “freakshow” nature of things when television is making it prominent. I’m not saying that I can go to my grams’ 90th birthday party tomorrow w/ face ink and a few spikes, (her holy clique would FREAK out), but, she loves my plugs and my nose ring.

    a change is coming. be patient!

    and for bradly, dear heart…a dictionary is coming, I swear.
    sincerely yours,
    the charcoal black beeotch.

  45. It’s killing me trying to figure out which IAMer (or former IAMer) Bradly is.
    I have a suspicion, but…. I think typing that poorly would eventually make his many ocds kick into overdrive.

  46. PLEASE STOP FEEDING THE TROLL! he doesn’t *want* to make sense, ignore him and he’ll go away.

    Jordan, this article is clearly a half-baked piece of shit, like 99% of print media. To be honest, after clicking through to the full article I was surprised you’d actually bothered to critique it. This isn’t a hateful article, it’s just poorly thought out, researched and written – we just have to move on and not let our lifestyle choices make us bitter, or we soon start to view the world as us and them…

  47. #55 ur just dumb thats all im smater than u thats a fact and the chciks dig me who cares i neverread the article becauseu suck so there is no need to besides ur mom gave me herpes…

  48. I’m seriously relieved that I wasn’t the only one that thought the guy that wrote this was absolutely going nowhere — actually, worse, going round in circles. Truly a sign of poor writing is when nobody understands where you’re going with it and what the fuck you’re trying to get at! It’s almost kind of humorous that he thinks everyone that modifies themselves must be a headcase — I’m sure a small percentage are, but having said that, a small percentage of any demographic will be insane — because we look different? Do I make fun of little old ladies in twinsets and pearls because I would rather be barbequed alive than look like that? Hell no; for several reasons. It’s not wrong to want to look that way; maybe one day I will look like that (against my best wishes, however); who am I to say what’s wrong and right when it comes to aesthetics?It’s almost a little bit akin to racism, biasing people on body modification.

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