Then we spoke about mathematics..

Andy loves cycling and mathematics. So much so that he had this tattooed by Jase of Art ‘n’ Soul Tattoo in Devon, England, and by the looks of things he cycled home after the tattoo session. Now that’s dedication!

It’s the bicycle power formula, it describes the various forces against which I’ve battled for pretty much every week of the last quarter century!

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Legs Autumnal

It might just be because it’s Autumn fall here in Toronto, but I really like Jill‘s (who is a piercer at the studio where it was done) fall-leaves-leg-sleeve*..

Click through for a larger view!

* – Trying saying that with your mouth full of swept up leaves. Oh and it’s not just because it’s fall in Toronto, I’d love it any time of the year.

By Johnny Johno, AMillion Tattoo (autoplayer), Austin, Texas.