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  1. Looks like the subject had a nullification procedure? I don’t see any clitoris or inner labia. Any info on that?

  2. wouldn’t this be really dangerous? If i recall, any break in the lining of the intestines can lead to dangerous bacteria entering the internal body-cavity. Plus it opens a direct path from the rectum to the vagina which leads to all sorts of other infections.

    I understand the drive for borderline activities like this? But i have to wonder, is it worth putting the life of someone who cares enough about you to let you do something like that, at risk?

  3. maybe she had one of those female circumcision thingies that was posted a few months back?

  4. is that the girl from a previous post a while back, who had her inner labia electively (is that a word?) removed? ‘Cause that vajayjay sure looks familiar to me.

  5. She is beyond circumsized by new definitions as that would simply have removed the skin covering the clit, but by older difinitions it would still apply because the term female circumcision was used in the past to widely cover genital mutilation on females which is now ‘female genital mutilation’. The photo shows a nicely done clitoridectomy with additional removal of the labia minora.
    The hook itself appears to be going thru the perineum not the anal area. That tissue is quite sturdy and often tears or is cut during childbirth and then stitched up again.
    Aside from that – it is an impressive photo of some lesser known and practised mods – at least on someone willing.

  6. I can safely say I am gay after viewing that much internal information. At least I see no teeth!

  7. Lately, I’ve been finding the “Guess What” posts pretty easy…This one, not so much. Interesting.

  8. oh…how i missed these kind of “guess what” xD that circumsicion looks really nice…pretty vajay jay ^^
    the hook comes out directly out of the ass…hole?

  9. Oddly enough, this does not freak me out all that much. (I delivered a 10lb baby, naturally.. and suffered 4th degree tearing… so that picture is NOTHING compared to what my poor p*ssy looked like before it was repaired).

  10. That picture makes both my vag and my ass hurt…actually hurt. My biggest wonder is about cross contamination if that IS out the anus…
    Damn, I can’t look away. And it’s hurting me.

  11. Warborn-next time you want to be a judgmental ass keep it to yourself. Just because you’re too much of a chicken shit to try any of these don’t take out on people who can and do. Try looking at a new website.

    This made my roommate scream., but I think its hot.

  12. Whoa… So THAT’S what the inside of a vagina looks like. Weird since I’m a girl and never really knew what it looked like… Wow, I’m in trance with this. It’s amazing, hot, but also a bit uncomfortable, not in the anus or the vagina hole, but my clit ached.

  13. I agree with #48. I don’t see how anyone in their right mind think’s that is sexy. And that is one big hole!

  14. Lexi – As this is probably part of a play session rather than a suspension (I have no other information unfortunately), she might well have had some “prior stretching”, also if you look she’s pulling her bum cheeks apart. Finally, with her pulling her bum cheeks apart and the hook pulling upwards, well, you try it (or not).

    Either way, I flipping love it.

  15. this is kinda i dunno, but it reminds me of team america
    “sometimes pussies become assholes, they’re only an inch and a half away”

  16. Wow. Just.. yeah.. wow.
    And on a side note… the thought of living my life without a clit is so dismal I would want to die.

  17. That. is. awful.

    She has no clit, no labia, and a hook through her vag. Ouch.

    Plus – I wonder if she has to hook her vag to get any sort of feeling without a clit.

    I love how so many guys think a circumcised, mutilated, vagina is hot. Men all over the world seem to get off on the idea that women receive no pleasure from sex, and that it is an act done explicitly for male pleasure, hence, circumcision. I call misogyny.

    Well, to each his/her own I guess – I’ll get off my soapbox.

  18. I have to admit I really like the “clean” look of her.

    I’ve heard of and seen pictures of women with some removal of lips/clitoral hood ect., but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full removal like that. Kinda makes me consider some of the less drastic removals though, for some of that effect. Hm.

  19. Brunhilda; Do you consider circumcised penises “mutilated”? You saying that is pretty sexist in itself. Who’s to say she’s not getting any pleasure? There are still a lot of thing to tickles her fancy. You’re REALLY reaching saying that i like the for the sole fact i don’t think she has any pleasure.

    Get you’re words out of everyone’s mouths.

    You call misogyny, i call ignorance and sexism.

  20. AH!!! that is quite scary. I’ve watched my fair share of kinky porn so I am fully aware of the concept of an ass hook and at first glance thats all I thought this was, but holy beegebus hook this picture scares me senseless. That cannot be safe.

  21. lord that looks, awesome!
    granted, i would never want to do that, but i think it is pretty in an odd way.
    It is very clean looking.

  22. Hellooo…I wonder about many things in that picture, yet it explains itself so very well.Very intense stuff indeed.

  23. intriguing in a bizzare sort of way … can’t fathom someone doing that … but that’s only me …. props for doing it …

  24. looks amazingly beautiful, but the lack of a clit would probably leave me feeling sexually insecure with the size of my manhood. really pushing things to the extreme here, though; like many of the men here i find this an incredible turn-on, if only for the novelty of it all. while i understand that a well thought out rationalization of immoral behavior is no excuse for losing control of my basest human urges, given my agreement with HJP’s praiseworthy observational skills and medical insight, i don’t believe i should feel shame in being turned on by the anatomically sound practices of well informed partners willing to cross the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ intimacy, provided both are willing parties. I only pray I can find the type of person willing to explore and grow with me as this couple does.

  25. Brunhilda, here here! I totally agree w/ you.

    And as for Vern, male circumcision is not the same as female circumcision at all. Removing the clitoris leaves the woman unable to achieve climax, removing the foreskin doesn’t deprive a man of sexual satisfaction.

  26. Can someone please explain to me how she pees?
    Not that I want to know…….but I do…..ya know?lol

  27. wow, that just woke me up from my afternoon daze.. crazy stuff.. beautiful vagina though, very tidy. ima big fan of ‘innies’..with labia removal, it definitely becomes an extreme innie!

  28. Yeah? Do you have it done, and know what its like? No clitoris does not mean no climax. She did it out of her own free will, what right do you have to say what she feels. Unless you’re new here, you know men cut off things as well. Same deal. No one gripes about that.

    I just think it’s stupid that if i like the way that looks, I’m being labeled misogynistic. ESPECIALLY here on modblog. I, as well as the others I’m sure, just like the way it looks. We, just as you, don’t know how she feels. So saying we like it because she doesn’t feel anything has no validation.

  29. I watched a documentary on African women who have come about having holes between their bladder and vagina or rectum and vagina and how terrible it was. I can’t imagine doing it electively.

    fuck my ass, that is by far the most off-centre thing i have seen on this site.
    wow wow wow.

  31. All I could muster was, “Oh my god…” as I looked at this.
    I’m used to male genital stuff, & was sooooo not expecting this one.
    Good job.

  32. Yourpamphleteer, I saw that too. Pretty heavy D:

    But, to each his own. We’re not even sure it’s a direct path from the punani to the butthole anyway.

    I personally (and as a lady) find it pretty sweet to see the vag from that… angle.

  33. I don’t think some of the members of the this site, or just people in general, realize that not everyone gets pleasure in the same way and that a lot of individuals enjoy a lot of different things.
    Saying things like “no clit, no climax” is very ignorant. I know you’re not dumb enough to think everyone gets off the same way. You’re right, a lot of girls do enjoy and require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, but not all do.
    Who are we to judge what someone enjoys and feels? Generalizations show a closed mind, and that’s something the body modification world doesn’t need.

    Great picture. Not really my thing, but it’s definitely impressive.

  34. I’m loving the fact that the main concern here has been cross contamination between the vag and rectum … and yet as a few people have pointed out – its quite a common occurence in childbirth …

    I guessed this one … Cant say it shocked or suprised me

  35. This is still confusing me (which isn’t hard). Maybe she’s removed the wall between the vagina and urethra which is why looks like she has no pee hole? All thought that hole is tiny…. I really can’t see it.

  36. Usually “guess what” = balls. Now it’s actually a vagina! It looks very ouchy. Whether it hurts her or not, she’s very brave! I hope it heals all right.

  37. yeah i’m with emily i have no clue what’s really going on with the urethra and vaginal wall…..can someone give more insite?

  38. Xheni &Brunhilda:

    As a person who has sat in on a Janice Boddy lecture, I would like to point out something a woman stood up in the crowd and said when Boddy said circumcise women receive little to no pleasure: “How do YOU know I receive no pleasure because I am circumcised?”

    What you are doing right now is placing a VERY close-minded view on something that you do not understand. It is not sexist or misogyny when you do NOT know the context and reasons for getting this procedure done.

    As for not being able to receive pleasure? I HATE clitoral stimulation and get no pleasure, only pain, from someone touching the area around my clit. Does that mean I get no sexual pleasure or climaxes at all? Not at all, I just get it in a different way than you.

  39. After reading all the comments, I have to say it strikes me as funny that everyone would react so harshly to a woman voluntarily having her clit removed, when no one really seems to think anything of men that voluntarily undergo castrations, subinsicions, or nullos.

    And it doesn’t look like it’s going through her anus, it looks like it’s actually coming through her perenium.

  40. Roo, : )
    I know, I didn’t mean heal it like a piercing, I just mean when it’s taken out, healing it in general, if it goes through the anus itself (it hopefully goes through the perineum as someone said above, and that’s easier) as someone already said fistulas are a big problem and a fucking nightmare to heal because often the treatment involves them being forced to migrate out of the flesh (I’m sure I saw on here, an experience of a guy who had an ass one and had to have an elastic band therapy whereby it was put through the fistula and tightened and eventually healed it by migrating out)

    much love.
    PS I didn’t mention her bits…very…minimalist! Pretty, but I’m not into the circumcision….

  41. I find it funny that I would have seen this as a huge turn of a year or 2 ago but now I find it erotic

  42. What some people seem to be failing to notice is the cultural environment in which we all live which encourages us to associate sexy women with being in pain/submissive. And whilst yes, it’s true that perhaps this woman can achieve orgasms perfectly well post-surgery – she’s also now got what looks like a butcher’s hook through her genitals. You only have to look at a lot of the comments from men heralding how sexy this is… These things do tend to add up and I think have lead some commenters to make assumptions.

    Then you get the backlash, ‘get off your high horse’ etc. Anti-intellectualism ftw, right? Sigh.

    The posts always ask for it, then the drama happens and everyone gets to shout at everyone else for starting it in the first place.

  43. Yeah man more power to you to do what you like.

    You don’t always need a clit to cum.
    I came once when my boyfriend punched me in the jaw while we were fucking and my clit had nothing to do with that one….

    But I will say that looks painful.

  44. this is hurting. it’s intense. this person is almost making me vomit had i been drunk, though I seem to be hahh, so yah, askldjaskldja i’m all freaked out now. sorry, this kind of bme is just too much.

  45. #39 – thank you, i wasn’t sure because Firefox flagged it as having a spelling error, but when i right clicked to see the correct spelling, it didn’t even list that word as a choice. /fail Firefox imo.

    anyway, yeah, female circumcision makes sense with this one. Definitely not very common though.

  46. I think the removal of her labia and clit looks beautiful. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that she is happy with it…. and the big hook.

  47. i seem to be one of the few females who find this just lovely.
    really. i’m amazed. beautiful.
    that’s all i’ve got to say about that.

  48. roo, this conversation-inducing picture did not distract me from noting (and loving!) your bitch & animal reference.

  49. My girlfriend called me to tell me to look at this. You know you’ve done something right when people call other people telling them to look at stuff on your website. Bravo on this post. Shocking, mind blowing, and above all else, amazing. I’m thrilled to see all ends of the body modification spectrum represented in this blog.

  50. looks quite interesting, I hope for her that she doesn’t get some kind of fistula or another nasty thing…I’m also wondering how she pees?

  51. “What some people seem to be failing to notice is the cultural environment in which we all live which encourages us to associate sexy women with being in pain/submissive.”

    Lucie: Could you explain this a bit more? I’m really curious (and not in the “I am a jerk” way).

  52. my thoughts as I was looking at this post:

    “oh god, that’s an asshole, isn’t it?”


    “oh, it’s.. oh.. it’s a vagina.. and an asshole.. wow.. i mean.. /ow/.”

  53. BARF: Without digressing too much, I was simply referring to the imagery that becomes eroticised in the media – the meme of wounded, bloody, bruised and depressed women and their juxtapositioning with sex. There are some good articles, videos and books on the topic. A simple example would be slasher movies – get the pretty lady in a tank top (or the shower, even better), some provocative camera angles of her T&A before the killer comes in and stabs her. Or the ANTP death photoshoot.

    As an after-thought, it’s funny how we can all make the assumption that she enjoys this as a product of entirely independent reasons, but someone will get shouted down for questioning it. Considering we don’t judge, and all.

  54. Thanks for responding Lucie! I think we should be friends.

    I think I’m going to abuse my library privileges and research violence in pornography.

  55. Okkk totally not expected that. Damn I should heed these warnings and not open stuff like this at school!

  56. I think that this is only considered ‘mutilation’ if it was done against her will. It looks like she’s posing for the picture, so unless someone is holding a gun to her head… I’m going to say she likes/tolerates it.

    As for the removal of her clitoris and labia I’m going to say that, by the looks of it, that was voluntary too. Maybe it wasn’t, but how manicured it is leads me to believe it was I think that if something like that was done against my will, I’d grow my hair out to cover it up as much as possible (and not take pictures of it). And “no clit, no climax”? Come on guys, everyone knows a woman has a g-spot. Or that there are millions (ok, maybe hundreds of thousands) in the first few inches of the vagina. Just because she doesn’t have a clit doesn’t meant shes completely void of pleasure. Hell, I’ve heard of some girls getting off from having their nipples played with!

    Yeah. I’m not a big fan of the hook, but the whole removal thing has an interesting look. I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t find it any more disgusting then a subincision or a penectomy. I’ve never seen a vagina at that angle, nor depth, so that was a learning experience in itself!

    To each their own. Roo, I’d love an interview with this girl about her circumcision!

  57. Can’t say it’s my kind of thing but she obviously knows what she’s doing so serious props to her!

  58. neat, i love how her vag looks! the removal of all the other bits combined with her being so clean-shaven (waxed?) makes for a beautiful ladypart. i can’t imagine the actual piercing feeling good, but i could see how being pulled there could be an interesting, maybe even pleasurable, sensation.

    and i’m a girl! i say let her do whatever the heck she wants, it’s her body, no reason to get bitchy about it.

  59. Hey, all the ladies who haven’t seen a vagina at that depth: There’s a crazy invention called a “speculum” and you can also get something called a “hand mirror”. I think all women should know what their bits look like inside and out, and it’s quite easy to do. Plastic speculums are cheap and are available at any pro-feminist and sex positive adult store like Babeland or Good Vibrations.

    To the gents who’d like to see into a vagina in person, ask your female partner REAL NICELY.

  60. Hey Roo, remember back to Ass Stab? This pic made me think of that.. Did he get this kind of response? lol

  61. this actually looks really nice. sexy, even.
    i just wish she still had a clit. i wonder if the area near where the base of the clit used to be is still very sensitive?

  62. Wow, big changes. I think this would look nicer if she…y’know, had the rest of her vagina. Life without a clit is not my idea of fun.

  63. I am really finding it hard to believe that so many people who visit this site are so distressed by this photo. I honestly thought this community would welcome any form of mod or alternative sexual play with open arms. I’m a bit disappointed.

  64. I couldn’t bear to get rid of my own clit, but I think her vag looks amazing. Very intense. I”m glad it was posted.

    Slightly off topic, but….. For anyone who’s curious about what it’s like inside the vag, there’s a documentary that (I think!) Channel 5 did about sex. Don’t quote me on that, though. I’m not familiar with European TV. The only place I can find it is on XTube (it’s the #1 video when you go to view the “most discussed” — and you need to create an account, but it’s free). They placed a camera in the vaginas of several women and filmed the inside view of intercourse. Pretty interesting stuff.

  65. seems like most people love the way it looks because the inner labia and clit removal makes it look “clean”.
    this means that most people think that the inner labia and the clitoris look unclean and creepy.
    it makes me sad.

  66. Concerned – Don’t forget that not everyone who visits ModBlog is a member of the community (online or otherwise), otherwise all the names above would link to IAM pages :)

  67. Is it possible to get a link to the previous ‘designer vag’ girl?
    I’d like to see that again too.

  68. well, i guessed it was a vag, but i’ve never seen one as – well – modded as that.

    i never thought women out there would be as interested as dudes in nullification and play torture. i mean, i knew intellectually that they would, but.. wow. good on her.

  69. I am deeply concerned by the absence of her clitoris and urethra….. where did they go?!

  70. Speaking for who? I find it a huge turn on when a woman derives pleasure from carnal acts, it’s unfair to say that men get turned on by a woman not getting turned on? you are implying something along the lines that all men are rapists deep down inside? If this gets her off good for her, more power to her for being able to go to such extremes to tickle her fancy boo to you for sticking to the neglected feminist stereotype

  71. O.o I remember Ass Stab!

    And I would LOVE an interview with this woman. The hook is brutal but we’ve seen skewers thru breasts and hatpins in scrotums…I wanna hear all about the thorough female circumsicion from her perspective.

  72. well…I cant say I’m too shocked, unless we are talking about the stupidity of the woman involved…I assume it was consensual.

    WHY…would someone do that? fine, it’s her body, I agree her choice to do it, but what a stupid thing to do, really, pointless, I’ve been pierced from age 15 onwards but never to the point where I have to wonder if it will cause physical permanent damage.

    Stupid, just plain stupid.

  73. I can’t stay away, it’s a shame that it’s not the same girl but is there any chance of an interview with either one of them appearing in the future?

  74. My friend and I both guessed this one correctly, then shouted, ‘Yay!’ and high-fived when we clicked through. I think the other people present were confused to say the least!

  75. I only got a few things to say. First and formost. Guys if you brought this lovely lady home after a good night on the town. Just to discover this in her panties. Would you kick her out of bed? Would you question it at all, or even notice? I’m pretty mod down stairs and i’m had women not even notice my mods till the next morning in the light. As for her pleasure, how the fuck would anybody but herself say what gives her pleasure, or maybe she doing the act to see if she can block out and mentally beat the pain. Not like suspensions or play piercing are pleasurealbe. Whatever turns your crank, or floats your boat. As a last note to everyone. Please before questioning someones reason or views, please go to the nearest mirror and judge yourself. Thanks for everyones.

  76. I agree with #15, my first thought was that it was the same lady. My second thought was that her pussy looked quite cavernous. Beside her clitoris and inner labia, did she also have something done to her outer labia? They look flat, or removed or something.
    Looks like she’s enjoying it, judging from the lubrication.

  77. her g-spot is pretty!

    looks like the hook is coming out through her tweener, not the actual hole back there. really cool either way.

    If seeing this makes you uncomfy (and you’re a chick) they do give out clear plasstic speculums at most clinics, including some planned parenthoods. Pick one up, get a mirror and flashlight, and try a little spelunking. Also, I do not think she’s “gaping” or “well-used”… to me it looks as if she’s just relaxed and possibly (more than a little) aroused.

    Great image, I love it.

  78. At risk of (further) making an ass of myself, allow me to clarify; I think that this woman is well within her rights to modify her body as she pleases. You are correct that she may very much enjoy her circumcision, and it was wrong of me to emphasize the role of the clitoris so greatly. For that I apologize. Yes, I am often an idiot/bitch, fair enough.

    What I am decrying is the further plasticization of women in the media, and how it has become a standard of beauty to undergo costly, painful plastic surgery. I feel like the objectification of women is a relic of previous ages, and that it is a backlash against the feminist movement of the 60′s and 70′s. I am scared that this sort of body modification is become the “ideal” standard of what a vagina should look like. I am also decrying the institutionalization of FGM. I don’t think any woman should have to undergo circumcision under pressure to “look good” for anyone but herself.

  79. It is just soooo sexy, brutally beautiful, it would be really interesting to know more about this lady.

  80. Not so big on the hook (though I must give her props as that is really something) however I find the female circumcision strangely attractive, it has a very clean look to it.

  81. no matter what, vag is ugly to me.
    even my own. still.

    kudos to her for taking some sort of interest in hers.
    but damn. that yeast infection is going to fucking kill.

  82. The woman in the picture is a German (I think) slave called Nora.
    There were a bunch of pictures doing the rounds on ‘specialist’ sites a few months ago.
    There were a number of different angles of this picture, so I’m certain that it’s not Photoshopped.
    One of them was a higher angle, and as far as I could tell the hook was exiting through her anus.

    If I can find it again, am I allowed to post a link to the folder full of pictures?

  83. response to #160 “this means that most people think that the inner labia and the clitoris look unclean and creepy.
    it makes me sad.”

    Many (I hesitate to say most lest I’m judged) women would assert that an uncircumcised penis looks unclean and creepy. I don’t see any emoticons being spilled when the guys put up pics with their own special bits trimmed by the doctor.

    Yes the hood of a penis can be unclean and hold all manner of smelly stuff in there. But, so can vaginal lips. I’ve found many surprises hidden behind the curtains in the basement.

  84. After watching a programme about forced female gential mutilation in parts of Africa, I admit I’m kinda vaguely traumatised about the whole female circumsion deal. But whatever floats your boat, I guess.

    Although I do agree with #60, it makes me pretty sad that it seems most people think that the inner labia and clitoris look ‘unclean’.

  85. # 90
    i only hope you didn’t tell the whole town about the woman with the “surprises hidden behind the curtains”

  86. Ummm…why?
    Why the “S” hook and why the circumcision? Please, I implore you, enlighten me.
    Why do that willingly?

  87. Xheni- Bullshit. Ever had a vaginal orgasm? Not many women have (sorry guys, some of you just cant go the distance lol it’s the thought that counts) but if the g-spot is stimulated enough a woman will experience a vaginal orgasm WITHOUT stimulation of the clitoris

  88. I dunno, still kinda confused about this, but I THINK I can see the urethra as a small little hole right at the front (but then again I’m only going off of basic biology) Question about the hook though, wouldn’t that cause problems with contamination? I’d just really like facts and stuff, rather than having to make (wrong) guesses idk

  89. I agree with #48, I love my clit too much to have it removed! But I do have to say I like the way it looks, so clean and neat.
    Again tho it’s definately not for me! That’s why I love ModBlog I get to see things I never imagined!

  90. Whoever submitted this picture of Nora is scamming BME… I’m guessing modblog is not in the business of reposting german sm porn, so you might want to ban that email address.

  91. I think it was a man that had the “operation” that could be why there is no clit or labia minora

  92. “Many (I hesitate to say most lest I’m judged) women would assert that an uncircumcised penis looks unclean and creepy.”

    (sound of the WTF alarm chiming)

    OK, I’m from some Ole Yurpean country where most males are uncircumcised unless they’re Jewish or Muslim or had their foreskin removed for some (serious) medical reason*, so perhaps my vision is skewed, but… frankly, I know no woman who thinks so. Not one. And I prefer my partners’ penis with a hat on, thank you.

    *I tried to find stats, they’re not easy to find but it seems to be along the lines of 1-2% circumcised males

  93. wowza. something i would never do. but it is seriously awesome.
    Props to that girl who endured the removal of her junk… and put a hook through it.

  94. that is a man, look at the hands, and the obviously inverted penis of a vagina

  95. I don’t see how it looks clean or neat. I think it looks like a bore to dick.

    And someday, probably, all women will get their vag cut up because men can’t stand the site of adult lady parts.

  96. I remember seeing porn vulva for the first time at 13. I was upset, because I didn’t understand why my vagina looked so different from all of theirs. I have large, thick labia, and they all have next to nothing. I even thought I was inter sexed because I thought my vagina was all wrong.

    it is obvious that men and society demand women to conform to a certain beauty ideal, and having small/no labia is one of them. Now women feel like they have to have their vulva’s mutilated so men wont be disgusted with their vulva, because it doesn’t look like the kind porn girls have. And I think that is sick! We shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of our naturally meaty vulvas.. society is insane….

    I also don’t agree with male circumcision of infants, and that it should be their choice. Not the choice of the parents or the doctor. I don’t think foreskin is ugly or looks unclean.

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  98. She is German and in a M/s relationship with her partner. They used to have a website. He removed her labia minora in one session, then in the next session her clit and clit hood in a single clamp/cut. She looks fabulously clean, especially when spreading her legs wide and pulling her labia majora apart at the same time. I do not know why she did not have her labia majora removed as well, to tighten her vulva and spread her smooth slit open even when she is standing. The full set of her was posted on abp.bodyart a while back.

    One female poster comments about small labia majora being more attractive to me and therefore featuring in porn, but in fact many men enjoy large dangly meaty labia minora, sometimes stretched.

  99. I don’t really know what to say about this. I imagine she wouldn’t have done it if it did not make her feel good. But I recall what I have read about female circumcision among the Kurdish people and the terrible consequences in terms of a life of suffering without sexual pleasure and a constant risk of infection – I have to say with all due respect to this model that I question her sanity. Among the Kurds there is a kind of midwife class who remove the labia and clitoris of adolescent girls just entering puberty with a knife and without any anesthesia. The Prophet Mohammed of Islam was familiar with female circumcision and urged those who did it “not to cut too much” because even in Mohammed’s it was understood as a radical procedure that often left women scarred for life, yet not even Mohammed dared try to outlaw it. The Kurds are most notorious for female circumcision in the middle east by far, old Mo was probably talking to their forebears.

    This woman obviously consented to the process and she obviously consented to being fistula’d but WHY? I mean, will the hole from that hook even close up? I’ve seen scat pornography where feces went through the vagoo, quite a lot of it actually, is it safer than people think? How does it feel when she has intercourse, that is to say is it more ore less sensitive? I guess these questions are kind of pointless on a website where eunuchs taking apart their scrotums and making things out of them is the norm. I can understand that though on some level because I have the parts. I need a little help understanding radical female genital mutilation…


  100. OK…..

    First off I really like this kind of female body modification. But in conjunction with infibulation piercings along the outer labia.

    There seem to be alot of posts from people who are ignorant about a great many things which does surprise me as BME is a site dealing with the extremes of alternative lifestyles.

    Strictly speaking female circumcision does not include the removal of the clitoris (clitorechtomy), rather it is just the removal of the clitoral hood, which for some women is beneficial to their being more readily able to experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

    Now the fact that female circumcision has become an all encompassing reference for vaginal mutilation practiced by some cultures is unfortunate.

    “Infibulation” also has fallen foul of this confusion with vaginal mutilation. Infibulation strictly speaking involves the sealing of the vagina to prefent vaginal penetration; lots of people within the BDSM and body piercing lifestyles do this with labia piercings and padlocks.

    At least two posts dealt with the question “how does she pee?”

    My question would be where the hell did you learn about the female anatomy; that is if you ever have?

    The uretha is located inside the vagina in the area between the inner labia and above the vagina proper; the removal of the inner labia will not effect her ability to pee.

  101. “I love how so many guys think a circumcised, mutilated, vagina is hot. Men all over the world seem to get off on the idea that women receive no pleasure from sex, and that it is an act done explicitly for male pleasure, hence, circumcision. I call misogyny.”
    -posted by Brunhilda

    Most men around the world have an aversion to FGM. It’s fostered by mothers to tone down the sexuality of their daughters and make them less likely to have sex with men, so, understandably, men are not keen on it. Most men prefer a woman to have a strong sexual response, but mothers around the world are none too keen on that for their daughters. It has nothing to do with male pleasure, except to thwart it, which is especially obvious with female infibulation.
    Western feminists have tried to use Western horror at the practice to advance their gender politics by portraying it as partriarchal oppression, when it is almost exclusively planned, organized and carried out by women for their own reasons. Men don’t like the way it reduces women’s libido, while mothers do like the way it reduces their daughters’ libido. Women are the real sexual oppressors, but I could have told you that. Women are the ones who are always saying no to sex, not men. FGM is another way that women say no to sex. The control involved is not men over women, but rather mothers over daughters.

  102. This Girl is a famaus german slave your name is Nora, You can See more pics for this woman if you search in Slave nora in Emule, including the clitoridectomy prodeciment.

    She dont have a clit and iner lips

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