And now for something completely different..

I feel we need some “dessert” after the last post, something light and fruity perhaps?

I’m afraid some of the images above didn’t have credits, but I can say that the top-left-brunette-lad is Mostly Canadian, the top-right-blonde is Miss Duveaux (more), the septum-piercing-in-the-centre was done by Russ Foxx (more / iam), girl-with-frilly-red-knickers is Lessaa and the bottom-right-lad’s tattoos were done by Alan Gilb, Top Dog Tattooz, Cosham, England.

See more at, erm,, obviously!

26 thoughts on “And now for something completely different..

  1. I must say that the two men in this post are very, very attractive (and I agree with #2).

  2. that’s quite something for the eyes… wow, eventhough I’m a straight girl, that backview of the girl in the bottom row in the centre is damn hot!

  3. not right that Miss Duveaux is that hot. just plain unfair. how come none of the women around my city look like that?

  4. All of these are pretty rad, I particularly like the bottom right and bottom centre photos. I think I have a thing for ladies’ backs.

  5. people are complimenting you. the amount of flak some people get on this site for modding their body how they feel, i’d be just glad your getting positive feedback 😉

  6. Ooooh,
    “Mostly Canadian” has 5 of my favorite attributes in a man!

    Tree tattoo
    Facial hair
    And a BEAUTIFUL tush!!!!

  7. Oh sure, shove my least favorite face-shot smack dab in the middle of all these incredibly modified and shapely half-naked individuals… Ha!

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