A Chest that Sparkles.

Microdermals by James Raimar, Holeybody, Saginaw, Michigan.

See more in Dermal Anchoring (Pocketing and Stapling)

24 thoughts on “A Chest that Sparkles.

  1. I agree with #3!
    … it looked like she cut out paper stars and put them around her microdermals!

    AMAZING effect :)

  2. i was wondering “what are those shiny thingies in her chest?” then, i read the title again and felt retarded:)

    i like them

  3. I fail to see why some people feel the need to return when it’s simply to lament the old ModBlog.
    It really fails to accomplish anything.

  4. That’s pretty rude, Candice. I don’t think you should insult those who contribute to ModBlog today.

    Why don’t you understand why it was posted? She is modified, this is ModBlog.

  5. why would you waste your time visiting a site you dislike so much? i think this is a lovely photo.. and lovely tattoos, brand, and micros! :)

  6. This girl loves her stars!
    I love the simplicity of it all
    Wouldn’t mind it with a little less cleavage though, the bending over pushing boobs together isn’t doin much for her haha.
    but gorgeous work nonetheless

  7. i love it the tattoos and i love the little microdermals. Im not really much of a sparkly girl, but they look great

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