33 thoughts on “Miss Wistful.

  1. Sinflux- I have actually seen the same/similar dot design numerous times. So I don’t think she stole the idea from you I think its a just a popular design since you know, circles have been around for a while.

  2. just gorguss.. i dont normally post replies etc… but this one actually took my breath away. props to the photographer as well.. i wanna see more of those purdy looking tats also

  3. She looks a bit like carey from sex in the city (no idea what the actresses name is) but a FAR superiour version! If SITC had women who looked like this in it, it might be worth watching!

  4. Aww.. that’s the shop prospect!
    In other words, my potential apprentice and all around shop bitch.
    Bless her lil’ straight out of the cornfield Iowa heart.

    Now, quit getting your ego inflated by all this and get back to cleaning Jess.

    I have five on my back too, circles aren’t uncommon haha
    mine are a loser math thing though
    i wonder if hers are just aesthetic?
    still so gorgeous none the less!!
    I like simple chest tattoos =)

  6. Wow! i especially love the large cauged cartilidge work! i while ago i had the great idea to do a similar thing, but get some minispeakers to use as the plugs..then i got told off by the missus and wasnt allowed them..haha good show!

  7. I love the classic beauty of her hair/facial structure against the metal/darker tones of the mods.
    She looks like a hot SJP.

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