36 thoughts on “Batriotism.

  1. that is one of the most hideous tattoos I have ever seen. but i’m canadian so I guess i’m a wee bit biased.

  2. I can’t tell often if it is a bad tattoo or just a badly edited picture. Can I suggest that on tattoo pictures that you not photoshop them so much? I also think posting fresh tattoos does a disservice to the artist but that is another story.

    But it got me thinking that a fun idea might be for you to every week post a few pictures that you’d like to see featured, and let the members edit them and see who can do the best job. Maybe win time on IAM for the best one and get featured in the entry of course?

  3. #3 – keep it to urself if ur just gonna say it’s horrible without any reasoning. Strangely kool concept and done very very well. one of the few ‘flag’ tats i’ve seen i really quite like

  4. That’s definitely different. I’m not quite sure if I like it or not, but the idea was executed nicely.

  5. I’m not digging it.

    Reason: I couldn’t tell what it was (aside from the American flag) at first glance. I had to actually figure out what the fuck all that stuff was supposed to be. In my opinion a tattoo should have the, “Wow! That is so awesome!” or, “Wow! That is so beautiful!” factor. Not the, “Uhh…WTF is that?” factor. I really thought the baseballs were blueberries. The quality is great…its just not an attractive design to me.

  6. Not being a patriotic person myself, it’s not the kind of thing I’d ever choose.

    That said, I do think it’s incredibly original, and a very high quality piece, so it’s a winner for me.

  7. I thought it was marbles and strips of bacon/beef jerky on first glance …. then i saw it was baseball bats and balls and was disappointed :(

    Also I don’t like the idea of flag/patriotic tattoos.

    Not a Fan.

  8. I think this is pretty cool. If thye love baseball and love america, why not. Baseball is THE american sport, so it mkes complete sense. I love baseball and want to get a mets tat, Yeah I wouldnt get this, but respect to the guy.

  9. … He doesn’t have enough stars…or stripes… or the +white+ part of “red white and blue”… I just figure with the tattoo being so big they would have been able to manage the logistics.

  10. wow, it must be too early because at first glance i thought the stripes were made of bacon…

  11. LOL! I, too, was thinking bacon and blueberries… and Roo, I think it might be a stretch even for you to say that is what he was aiming for ;)

  12. Almaxaquotal – Haha, what I meant is at first glance it may well look just like another stars and stripes tattoo.

    Personally I think patriotism leads to nothing but trouble and belongs in the past, but that’s just me.

  13. ha, looks like my dogs chew toys to be honest… cmon would anyone eat bacon that looked like that? i wouldnt…. well….

  14. Haha, I also thought it was blueberries and bacon until I read some of the comments. Either way it’s unfortunate.

  15. to all the AMERICAN flag bashers…fuck you,yeah it sucks…but you motherfuckers need to realize the double standard you just applied…”ooh it’s a jingoistic tat..he sucks now,he never should’ve gotten a FLAG”…fuck you again,you classic assholes.

  16. #26

    It’s not because it’s an American flag that it’s horrible, it’s because it’s really poorly tattooed.

    I also can’t believe the amount of people that think this is any good, really, it’s fucking terrible.

  17. Nivek – agreed! Physical Graffiti is awful, and it’s not like there is a shortage of quality artists in Rochester. I guess people are just cheap?

  18. I thought bacon, then whips, then realised it was baseball bats. Kind of a cool idea if he’s a baseball fan/patriot, but somehow it doesn’t pull together and come out looking right.

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