18 thoughts on “Whiskey and Ginger..

  1. I think the m was intentional because if you look at the n it is done in the similar style.

  2. InKubus – quite possibly…. or maybe they realized the fuck up and tried to fix it.

    regardless, I still like the overall design.

  3. When getting my tattoo including the letter “m”, my tattoo artist kept trying to tell me it looked like this one pictured, however I asked him to add another ‘hump’ as the line should lead up to the actual letter m; so there would be 3 ridges. But to each their own, you can still tell what it’s meant to read.

  4. If anyone noticed, the n on the end of tradition only has one hump. so the m in family, while it does look like a cursive n, has one more hump than the n in tradition. so it works out, even if there aren’t a correct number of humps.

  5. It’s an “m” it looks like a script thats kind of cursive and kind of print… altho if it was mine id definately have the three humps of a traditional cursive m.

  6. I don’t really see a problem with the M. The bit that confuses me is that the curl of the Y goes off the scroll and on to the bottle label.

    Still like it though.

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