32 thoughts on “Toe is where the heart is..

  1. owwwwwwwie!!!
    my feet/toes are WAY too sensitive for that!
    but still totally cute.
    for some reason i imagine it has a higher chance of getting infected since its the bottom of a foot, compared to a skin removal elsewhere… but i guess if you dont walk around barefoot, you’re ok ;) lol

  2. this is great! i hope it heals good but for some reason i think it’ll heal over and leave almost nothing behind.. i have a thing for heart related tattoos, scars, implants etc. so i hope it heals good and leaves a beautiful scar behind!

  3. I’d like to see some procedurals and/or alternative shots – the skin on the bottom of the feet varies a great deal from most other parts of the body and depth of removal will be a big issue here. Also, some healed pics when available would be nice too.

    I can’t imagine it was a very fun procedure or that healing will be much of a joy but more power to them for enduring it to get what they want.

  4. I bet it didn’t really hurt at all and won’t be much of a pain to heal. I’ve done similar just messing around. There probably won’t be any sort of real scar left though.

  5. I don’t think there will be much of a scar left due to the fact that the toe print will eventually develop again. I have quite a few unintentional scars on my fingertips and the fingerprints, which did come back, prevent me from really seeing the scars that I have on them. hope that it does leave a noticeable scar though.

  6. Melody, the reason you don’t have any scar left is likely the same reason you didnt think it hurt that much – you didn’t go deep enough.

    Similar things happen with fingertip and underside toe tattoo attempts where people think it wasn’t bad at all and thats because the skin is thicker and tougher and they aren’t penetrating enough – the results end up being very poor. When you do get in deep enough to make something happen, you can feel the difference and it is intense. With my feet callouses (sp?) I could cut off skin thick enough to be a serious wound anywhere else but likely not even draw blood there – thank you barefoot living and years of martial arts toughening them up :)

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  10. You are a very bad excuse for a troll Bradly – but at least you read my FAQ, although quoting it it here is odd.

    Please try harder.

    And I like peanuts – I will gladly do a somesault for some, thanks.

  11. I have scars from burns on my hands, and thats no where near the same as removing the top layers of skin. I bet this will scar somewhat, but not to the extent it would elsewhere.

    Although I think this is very cute, I can’t even imagine someone coming at my foot with a scalpal. Liquid nitrogen was bad enough, and i whine when I get a blister from my shoe :/

  12. My toes twitched at the sight of this. Ouch!
    I too would love to see this healed.

    Someone needs to point bradly in the direction of the “spellcheck” function.

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