Knockers Rock!

And so do bums for that matter – Can you spot yours? (You don’t have to ‘fess up if you’d rather not..)

squiggles (more) and her friend Praxis (more still) with their matching circle brands.

P.S. – How do you feel about boobies being pierced when they can’t fully consent? Heh.

90 thoughts on “Knockers Rock!

  1. Is it weird that every time I see a pierced nipple, I feel the need to put a hand over each of my own breasts to shield them from the mental pain I experience!?

    Love boobs though; I especially like the set with the scorpian tatt on her stomach.

  2. I can get my chest pierced with anchors and even have them removed…but i can’t bring myself to getting a nipple piercing…OUCH.
    Bravo to those who have the “balls” to do so.

  3. the tattoo of the naked girl, her knockers are done poorly – her right nipple is placed incorrectly in relation to her position.
    makes me sad. ):

  4. Haha awesome. But yeah the tattoo of the naked chick is not very good. The last photo of the girl wackin it disturbs me because she looks like she’s about 15.

  5. Sorry, am I the only one who doesn’t understand why the last pic is published? If she has piercings, I can’t even see them. All I see is her sitting with a dildo in her ***…
    It disturbs me…

  6. 5 and 6 –

    well, more 6….

    You should get your nipples pierced if you want, it seriously didnt hurt me at all, just stung after for like 15mins. Even if it does hurt you more than it hurt me…. it is over in a second and will eventually go and you will have some cool boobies!

  7. Does anyone else think that the last pic was way out of order? If people want to see that kind of thing there are other sites they can visit, keep to the mods please!

  8. Hah, yeah even I think the last picture is tacky and unnecessary.

    but yay boobs!!!!

    and now I want to shave my head even more.

  9. ya i think the last pic is just plan stupid and i dont see why its posted doesnt fit with the others and she looks like she’s like 15….i dont go on here to see that type of stuff…kinda disappointing. The other pics are cool. I wanna get my nipples pierced again i miss them =(

  10. I’ve removed the click through on the last image (and censored the main image) people are complaining about.

    (She is over sixteen, has both nipples pierced, genital tattoos, a navel piercing and both lobes stretched)

  11. in the row of two, the first pic, of the girl with her arms over her head, i remember her from an earlier post, i really really like her chest work. i think its my favorite ive ever seen. i hope she leaves the one side without shading. its beautiful.

  12. If dogs and cats shouldn’t be peirced, then neither should birds. But studs would look cute in their blue feet.

  13. Darn missed the click thru! Of course since people have commented about “dildo” “wackin” and “looks 15″ I wanna look at it just to see.

    The first pic with dark boobies and light boobies is the best =)

  14. ppl who complaining about that blurred out girl shut up and grow up

    if u cant handle a standard naked girl dont go on mod blog

    i mean the guess what series is bad

    but i mean no one complains bout that i mean every one whio goes on mod blog shud be 18+

    i mean comeon mod blog and bme is about the human form etc

  15. Woo, censorship.

    Regardless, I haven’t looked through most of the comments yet, but I hope that (if she hasn’t) the owner of the pretty koi-behind tattoo speaks up. I’d like the name of her artist. 🙂

  16. Of course now everyone wants to see it. If people are offended by it they shouldn’t click….that’s why its a click through image.

  17. this is straight up retarded. as much as i love tracie, there are other modified people who deserve props (male and female, alike). i think someone likes playing favorites.
    girls have boobs. we get it.

  18. You know, I really don’t find boobs attractive at all. I wish mine were smaller (and I’m only a 36b). I think I got my nipples pierced to try and make them pretty to me… but it didn’t work. Maybe I need some chest tattoos… Some of the work is nicely done, but some is just blah. “Tasty” on an ass? Come on, thats like those pants we used to wear in elementary school.

  19. i want to see the last pic, roo please put a link somewhere so the people who want to see it can

  20. granule – Not at all, it’s just that Tracie has a habit of submitting LOTS of photos to, and she’s topless in ninety percent of them 🙂

    Zoltar – The click through’s back, I only removed it to see what people would say to be honest.

  21. Odd…I can get to the last clickthrough just fine…

    Not trying to abuse the fact that the picture is there, but maybe if it were a higher resolution picture to the point where we could see her mods it would have been deemed more suitable for this site…

  22. oh..thanks roo!now i can see it ^^…and if that girl looks like she’s 15..i look like 30 -_- oh…i really liked the “hoy no soy puta, hoy soy princessa” tatto, and the third one (the tattoo girl)…love the look on her face

  23. @NIC

    do your nipples not have nerves or something?

    mine killed both times i got them done! at least they healed really quickly the second time.

  24. Pictures like that last one belong on suicidegirls. There is a difference between body modification for sexual pleasure and a pierced girl with a dildo in her snatch. This whole post bothers me. It seems to me that in alot of these recent “naked girls with boobs” pictures, the body mods are secondary to the reason for them being posted. If I want to look at alternative softcore porn, I’ll go to a site dedicated to that. If this is the direction the new modblog staff is headed,with content, count me out.

  25. Not indended to be a tangent, but… I have to say content in general has been lacking lately, too. Modblog used to have alot more diversity in it’s content, but it seems like modblog is becoming a place for Roo to post pictures of tattoos he thinks are funny. Alot of them are really poorly done/redundant. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a really beautiful, well done tattoo showcased on here. Maybe I’m alone in feeling this way, but I used to check this site compulsively because there was always something interesting being posted. Now I check maybe once or twice a week and am almost always disappointed.

  26. Vera – There has always been a BMEBoys and a BMEGirls catergory/keyword on ModBlog/. Have a look back through the archives, apart from the style in which I post I can’t see how anything has changed?

  27. Vera – Take a look back through the last page of ModBlog. I realised a long time ago that it’s pretty hard to please everyone but I think the balance of nice tattoos, funny tattoos, scarification and other things is pretty good, no?

    As has been said before there’s thousands and thousands of other images on BMEzine (which is where these images are pulled from, but not by me), so get submitting. If there are things you’d like to see on ModBlog or rather not see I can assure you we’re all ears.

  28. Roo- It just seems like the percentage of those posts has really risen. I don’t mean to be attack ing you or anything. That really isn’t my goal. It’s just frustrating. I don’t feel like I see anything ‘new’ on here that often anymore. I don’t have a problem with your posting style, I enjoy it. The content just isn’t all that interesting, though in all fairness I should say there are things that you do differently than the ‘old administration’ that I like better.

  29. ya im defiantly not a prude but i agree with Vera #39

    “Pictures like that last one belong on suicidegirls. There is a difference between body modification for sexual pleasure and a pierced girl with a dildo in her snatch.”

    when mods are second to a dildo its not about the modification,. its about a stuffed vag. sigh. it kinda ruined a really good post..

  30. Vera – Maybe we’re just waiting patiently for the next big thing in Body Modification to happen? 🙂

    Things don’t move as quickly in this field as in say, particle physics.

  31. But in retrospect (and by retrospect I mean about three hours ago, which is a part of why I removed the photo) I agree it wasn’t a particularly great idea to include that photo, it was intended to be a “punchline” but backfired.

    I still stand by what I said about a lot of the BMEGirl posts and the modifications in those posts not being the primary focus though, if they have modifications, they might end up on ModBlog.

  32. I do enjoy the BMEGirls and BMEBoys posts. I do. But (and I know that there are other people who agree with me on this) they are alot more enjoyable when the pictures are tasteful (tasteful doesn’t mean prudish- I just mean that there is a difference between “appreciate my beautifully modded boobs” and “look at my tits!”) and the focus is on the mods, not the tits. Same with the BMEBoys. I don’t want to see a boner for the sake of seeing a boner. I want to see a boner because it’s got great piercings or tattoos.

  33. i agree with vera. the posts have been more centered on the NON mod aspects & have barely even mentioned the mods. in the circle brands pic, is something branded on the blonde girl’s throat? it’s not even mentioned, but gee, here are a bunch of pretty people with pretty tits.

    i’d like to know about the mods, & i don’t care shit about seeing a full-body nude of some society-pretty person with a tiny nostril stud. it’s not why modblog was invented.

  34. hi. i’m the blonde girl 😉 and there isnt anything branded on my throat. its a white tattoo.. <3 done by the amazing Lars at Evolved Body Art in Columbus <3

    and round and round we go about hot girls with mods.. bla bla bla so tragic. so what… who cares..

    i want to see more titties!!!!!!!!!!

  35. hey factorygirl, the tattoo is gorgeous. i’ve been considering some scalpel work on my throat, so that suited my fancy. do you have better pics of it?

  36. thanks for the link, but i was hoping for better healed pics. i don’t have iam access.

    roo, did you have any response to the rest of what i wrote?

  37. She’s over sixteen? Don’t people in porn pics have to be at least over 18? Just sayin, I’m still not very convinced I’m not looking at jailbait.

  38. ‘fat cunt’ is probably the sexiest thing i’ve seen in a long time.

    the jailbait isn’t too shabby either

  39. this makes me so lonely… if only i had boobies to play with… that aren’t my own, mind you. the first girl looks kind of like christina ricci… new background. *drool*

  40. Holy fucking shit I got censored on modblog and for all of you that say I look 15, I know I look younger then my real age of 30 but come-on 15? As for mods I have several including 13 piercings with some of them being rather odd for a girl to have like my “taint” I also have a full genital tattoo

  41. i don’t really think that last pic is “out of place.” to me it works like roo said as a punchline: the kicker to a flippantly sexual post about nipple piercings. i think naked breasts are kind of irrevocably sexual in all context, and just because the other girls aren’t holding vibrators between their legs doesn’t mean you’re not thinking sexual thoughts when you’re “appreciating their beautifully modded boobs.” y’all are drawing this arbitrary distinction that since she is performing an overtly sexual act, it’s sexual and not about mods, but really all the pictures are about sex AND mods. i mean you guys know this is BODY modification, right? like, the HUMAN body, which is made for sex… and like roo said, these are all photos that people sent in.

    also i think it’s the pigtails and knee socks that make you look kind of young in this photo. you’d have to be kind of dumb to think that you were underage though…must be election fever goin round

  42. NakedMeagan i could see your tattoo! it’s fab. i think you should of been posted, but not that photo. as you said yourself it is out of place!

    i love boobies, makes me proud to own them. but i want a wider selection of boobs, old/young/big/small/saggy/fake. not just these amazing purt boobs. show people of different sizes. big is beautiful Roo!!

  43. some people see only problems!
    others only boobs 🙂
    some only 15year old girls
    i like my tatto of naked girl ! maybe i should do another session if some people say that it is no good or poor quality. thank you for opening my eyes 😉

  44. Just playing the devil’s advocate here, but does no one remember from the old Modblog entries like “Gratuitous Pic of the Week” and so forth? These usually featured some attractive topless girl or some such. There is a limit to how much people want to see the same content, but the way some of you complain, it makes me wonder if you like boobies at all!

  45. SS yes I agree and in the past better pictures of me have graced the pages of modblog and in better context. But on the other hand I fully understand what Roo was “trying” to do and I think it’s just that most people don’t see or get it.

    Anyways I’m back do doing my nails

  46. You know I highly doubt that girl in the last picture is over the age of 18
    Modblog posting child porn… giving body modification a bad name.

  47. RooRaaah: Anyone can say how old they are on the internet.
    Do you have any proof in your possession that shows that she is in fact 30?

  48. Christine – I’m afraid I don’t, but she is a world famous stripper (check her website, which she linked to), and you wouldn’t get very far in the stripping world being underage.

    She’s also been featured on ModBlog before.

  49. Why is everyone getting so worked up about it? If you don’t like it, don’t click through. There are plenty of other non-sexual posts on modblog.

  50. Because obviously porn has no artistic merit whatsoever. Obviously.

    Lighten up you fucking prudes.

    #60 – seconded.

  51. I’m not a big fan of the last picture, simply for the reason that it plays on child porn. Fair enough she’s actually 30, but the idea behind it is obvious and therefore so not my cup of tea!

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