22 thoughts on “Tawmmy From Quinzee May Hunt Us Down For This …

  1. Australian asking all American here. Are there actually any teams from outside the U.S.A. playing in the World Series? And if not, why is it called the World Series?

  2. There are some canadian teamsin the league with a chance to make it but they rarely do, but MLB is considered the pinnacle of baseball. FOr the most part i think people want to do well in their prospective leagues around the world and eventually make it to the MLB.

    -my 2 cents

  3. Tessie, “Nuf Ced” McGreevey shouted
    We’re not here to mess around
    Boston, you know we love you madly
    Hear the crowd roar to your sound
    Don’t blame us if we ever doubt you
    You know we couldn’t live without you
    Tessie, you are the only only only

  4. you know how you can tell who is from massachusetts?
    when the sox loose and we still have faith in a sucky team

    awsome tattoo…gotta love the red sox!

  5. The Rooters gave the other team a dreadful fright
    Boston’s tenth man could not be wrong
    Up from “Third Base” to Huntington
    They’d sing another victory song

    🙂 GO SOX!!! best fans in the world.

  6. Tawmmy said out loud sounds like “TOMMY”
    “Quinzee” said out loud sounds like “Quincy”

    Ability to phonetically sound out the boston accent? FAIL

  7. GO SOX!!

    im actually kind of glad that, if the Sox are not in the series, it will be played out by 2 small(-ish) teams not not those yankee bastardos!

  8. sorry heretic, you can consider the Rays small all you want, but the Phillies are in no way small.

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