Dreadful! (Nyuk nyuk nyuk.)

Most of the time, it’s really easy to write a pithy little joke or pun about each image that goes up on ModBlog — not to make fun of the subject, of course, but to add levity, provide context, or piss off the humorless. This is not one of those times.

(For more of the not-at-all-dreadful lanileegarver, go here. The anti-eyebrow piercing is by Mason at Eternal Buzz in Glen Burnie, MD.)

See more in Double and Multi-Labrets (Lip Piercing)

38 thoughts on “Dreadful! (Nyuk nyuk nyuk.)

  1. She’s probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen on IAM, and a pretty interesting one too. 😀

  2. She is so naturally sexy! Her mods suit her perfectly and she looks so great in all her pics. (And who else could look perfectly lovely with insects on their face?)

  3. she is beautiful. and her mods are perfect. does anyone know if the white line on her chin is tattooed or makeup?

  4. She’s very pretty and the labrets really suit her face. I’m admittedly less thrilled by the anti-eyebrows…

  5. leave me ur contact info and we can figure out where and when to get things started i canmt give any commitment unless u want to bepart of my Harem

  6. That is such a beautiful look. Dayum. She’s gorgeous and looks amazing. I’m officially jealous. *wanders off whining about her own vampiric pale skin*

  7. Ooh haha iss me.thank yous! and for the right amount of money..my womb sadly still isnt for sale hahareverse vitiligo?! like the kind uncle rucus (no relation) has?

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