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  1. yay for rejecting piercings!! Her eyebrow looks horrible and the jewelry in her bridge and lip piercings is all way too long!

  2. As far as I’m concerned, I like the fact her bridge and other piercings are “too long”, it looks nice that way.

  3. This was a bit of a surprise to see here. His name is Hitsugi, he’s the guitarist for a Japanese band called Nightmare.

  4. THAT IS A BOY! And, if I recall it is Miyavi. A friend sent me a picture of him a couple of months ago.

  5. My mistake! The text file accompanying the picture was ambiguous -— I am no longer declaring the model a BME Girl.

    As far as the piercings go, the eyebrow looks a little thin, but the rest are just as “oversized” as the ones in the photo below this …

    And to #1: Roo is still around! He’s got his hands full with BMEvideo, though.

  6. Argh! Where’d the rest of my comment go? ANYWAY.

    The eyebrow piercing is bugging me, haha. That looks like something I’d rip out while brushing my hair half-asleepedly in the mornings.

  7. As stated before me, this is Hitsugi from the Japanese band Nightmare. What a lovely surprise to see him here! Not impressed by his eyebrow piercing though.

  8. I think it’s the arch/ shaping of the eyebrows that made me think it was a chick, lol. Yeah the eyebrow piercing looks way too shallow, but other than that it’s cool.

  9. Japanese bands make me question my sexuality

    ‘Hey, that girls kinda cute’

    Nate, thats a fucking dude, dude


  10. Hitsugi! It’s a surprise to see him here!
    But his piercings couldn’t have been done in Sapporo… He’s from Kansai, and now living in Tokyo. He never lived in Sapporo (or in Hokkaido), I don’t get why he would have get all of his piercings in Sapporo.
    I think the person who send you this pic gave you wrong informations.

    Sorry for my poor english >_<

  11. Lol. Thats not Miyavi at all. Its Hitsugi from Nightmare. Definately a boy. I love how japanese boys are so pretty. :]

  12. I don’t like the fact that the eyebrow piercing doesn’t go under any hair, so to say. The part that was pierced is hairless…not so great.

  13. Its the eye liner that does it… is it weird that im attracted to him and im “straight”?? Hehe

  14. When I saw this picture I immediately thought of Pain from the Naruto Shippuden manga….

    wow. the resemblance is uncanny…

  15. 1) that’s Hitsugi from Nightmare, Google it, Youtube it, be afraid
    2) that’s not a tough Japanese chick, that’s just a gay looking little Japanese dude that’s probably straight.
    3) that’s not Miyavi
    4) Should’ve posted Seek, he has moar holes in his face.
    5) why

  16. Yeah, that’s DEFINITELY NOT Miyavi. It’s Hitsugi, from Nightmare.

    And you think the rejecting eyebrow is bad? You should see how bad Mao from Sadie let a surface piercing reject before he took it out. It was absolutely terrible.

  17. Originally i didnt mind this pic, i might’ve even liked it.. but the more i look at it, and the more times i look at it. it just pisses me off… like… HEAPS!! mmm, kinda strange

  18. Sculla -why does the picture piss you off? Is it because the person is androgynous? If so, you might want to ask yourself why you feel the need to categorize people. What difference does it make if the person is male or female?

  19. Sam – Dude, it not cos of anything to do with male/female, asian/white, or anything catagorizing like that! just something makes me feel highly annoyed now when i look at this pic. nothing specifically, maybe that his piercings (lip with the ring) doesnt have one on the other side, i dunno, its something subconscious

  20. GUYS IS IT REALLY NOT Miyavi. ARE YOU SURE IT’S Hitsugi, from Nightmare.

    because you haven’t told us 10 times already.

  21. O_O
    *shock* hitsugi!

    wow nice that you feature him here lol

    and nope not miyavi, myv has got only 3 facial piercings, if i remember right

  22. i rally want to replace the long jewelry in both the sad looking eyebrow and the bridge. other than that, id do her. lol.

  23. it’s killing me: is the title on this a reference to sapporo, the beer?

    cuz i don’t give a fuck about the fucking androgynous japanese boys with bad piercings that people seem to love to fangirl over.

  24. :3
    Love this guy. Does anyone else remember the brief time that he had an anti-eyebrow on the right side? I only saw it on like……..one tv appearance (one of the Hey!x3 ones, if I remember). Must’ve rejected pretty quick. :( Sucks, b/c it looked really good on him, too….

  25. I like how when women find Asian men hot they are ‘fangirling’ or have a ‘fetish’ or have ‘Asian fever’.
    My boyfriend is Japanese and I constantly am told that I don’t love him, I just have a fetish.

  26. oh wow. I used to be scared of him, but I’ve never seen him without all his makeup. I have just changed my reactions, yumyum.

  27. God! such a shock to find the guitarrist of Nightmare on modblog! But I love his piercings.

  28. i agree with Warborn, its crazy that bme should post and attribute images copied from elsewhere on the web to the wrong tattoo artist let alone gender.. nevermind the fact that Mr Ginsberg seems to have no clue as to what he’s posting on Modblog

    this is disappointing on so many levels… :(

  29. I think the amount of piercings in his lip is a bit much…..when added in with the rest of his look and the fact that the jewelry is a bit big…he’s cute though, and my friend did her eyebrows like his/got a bridge piercing because of him….she looks really good. :D

  30. Im a HUGE hitsugi fan, it made me giggle to here him be reffered to as a “she” ^v^

    Hitsugi has actually done all his peircings himself, this is quite an old picture and since then he’s had his eyebrow redone etc. and his peircings look alot better these days!


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